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Fiat Chrysler Cars and Alphabet Inc.’s Google have yet to determine who will own data gathered in their collaboration on screening self-driving vehicles, FCA President Sergio Marchionne stated Friday. “That’s exactly what has to be determined,” Marchionne said in response to a press reporter’s concern on information ownership. “We have to get to a stage where the automobile is sensible so we can go over the spoils of that work. We’re not there.” Earlier today, FCA and Google announced they consented to fit Google’s self-driving innovation into 100 Chrysler Pacifica minivans, marking the very first time a Silicon Valley company has teamed up with a conventional carmaker to establish an autonomous vehicle. Marchionne stated there are lots of elements of the job with Google that have yet to be figured out, such as whether the 2 will establish an open-source software application platform that might be shown others. Marchionne said what has actually been agreed up until now with Google is restricted, but he recommended the alliance might progress. “The goal of this first phase of our partnership is very targeted,” Marchionne stated at a press conference at FCA’s Windsor plant. “It’s created to take Google technology into the minivan. It’s really, really focused. It has a very clear goal and an extremely clear timeline. What establishes from here, we’ll see.” Marchionne said FCA has been intentionally restrained in contrast with other automakers that have purchased Silicon Valley companies to speed development of self-driving vehicles. Lack of clearness over the question of who owns information in a partnership with Google is among the reasons most huge automakers have refrained from consolidating the Silicon Valley giant. “It’s prematurely in this procedure to attempt to make the call about who is going to end up with sort of the winning solution,” Marchionne stated. Marchionne said he has noticed “efforts by others to pre-empt exactly what I think about to be a natural evolution of choices therefore making unequivoca …
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