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Blended signals ahead for freight market, states CarrierDirect

It’& rsquo; s going to be a blended bag for the freight market over the next numerous months, as a sluggish U.S. economy integrated with “& ldquo; systemic shift & rdquo; in cargo far from the West Coastline to the East Coast and tight truck capacity will certainly develop difficulties –– in addition to some positives –– for shippers and transport providers alike. “& ldquo; It & rsquo; s an unexciting financial forecast,” & rdquo; described Erik Malin, executive VP with CarrierDirect –– an advisory company to trucking and logistics service providers –– in a teleconference with reporters hosted by financial investment firm Stifel Financial Corp. On the favorable side of the economic coin, Malin said, is 3.7 % gdp development in the 2nd quarter integrated with increasing customer self-confidence and a low unemployment rate. “& ldquo; The other side of that coin, though, is that industrial production capacity is now lower than in past; that does not bode well for freight,” & rdquo; he stressed. & ldquo; The inventory-to-sales ratio is likewise higher than we’& rsquo;d like and that GDP modification as much as 3.7 % is mostly due to greater stock levels. That means there will be less freight move as shippers won’& rsquo; t need to renew their stockpiles.” & rdquo; Another reason carriers are stockpiling stock is that they’& rsquo; re not confident in the availability of truck capability. “& ldquo; It & rsquo; s not in their favor and they wear’& rsquo; t want to be caught unguarded,” & rdquo; Malin highlighted. Jett McCandless, CarrierDirect’& rsquo; s creator and CEO, said this tight ability situation is making carriers appreciate more what TL providers “& ldquo; give table & rdquo; in terms of freight service “. & ldquo; However what they do dislike is how much expenses for providers have actually increased,” & rdquo; he pointed out. “& ldquo; Given that 2009, the ‘& lsquo; large costs & rsquo; such as for devices and driver salaries have actually enhanced more than their revenues.” & rdquo; In portion figures, CarrierDirect’& rsquo; s slides showed that while trucking rates …
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Breakdowns highlight the decaying state of the New Orleans Fire Department’s fleet

Firemans preparing to rush to the scene of a vehicle fire early Friday found themselves stranded at their Clara Street station when their truck wouldn’& rsquo; t start. Making matters worse, while an engine from another close-by station was dispatched to the blaze on Toledano Street, firemans who headed out to New Orleans East from the Clara Street station found that the spare truck they were preparing to pick up there likewise was unusable. The breakdowns highlight the rotting state of the Fire Department’& rsquo; s fleet, which is mainly made up of engines that are more than One Decade old. While both Mayor Mitch Landrieu’& rsquo; s administration and firemens agree there is a have to replace the trucks, the speed with which that will occur has actually opened a new front in the ongoing battle between the two sides. The age of the trucks has actually been an issue for many years, firemans union President Nick Felton stated Friday. “& ldquo; This is an ever-growing problem. Now, it’& rsquo; s getting worse and even worse, and it & rsquo; s going to occur continually,” & rdquo; he said. & ldquo; The spare fire engine that they just positioned in service has broken down continually.” & rdquo; While assuring that moves are being made to replace at least a few of the trucks in the fleet, Fire Superintendent Tim McConnell said there simply hasn’& rsquo; t been money to buy brand-new equipment. “& ldquo; I & rsquo; m not truly delighted my firemans wear’& rsquo; t have the finest,” most recent fire trucks, & rdquo; he stated. Firemens union officials, who have been secured a fight with Landrieu over claims handling back pay and pension issues, highlighted the breakdowns and other recent equipment failures Friday as part of their continuous effort to represent the Landrieu administration as indifferent to firemans and their security. “& ldquo; It & rsquo; s simply inappropriate and dangerous. I’& rsquo; m worried that somebody & rsquo; s getting hurt,” & rdquo; Felton stated. The truck problems at Engine 38 on Clara started when the report of a car …
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