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Meet Otto, The Startup That Wants To Make Self-Driving Trucks A Thing

The IBT Pulse Newsletter keeps you connected to the biggest stories unfolding in the global economy. A Silicon Valley startup founded by previous Google employees is looking to drastically alter long-haul trucking. Otto is developing a self-driving truck upgrade package for industrial rigs. Just like the race to develop self-driving cars, Otto is not alone in these passions, however self-driving trucks could result in unintended consequences for regional economies, especially in small towns that count on the trucking market. Otto debuted with its strategy in a Medium post released Tuesday. The start-up highlights the requirement for self-driving trucks by pointing out the deteriorating quality of life for drivers, road congestion, contamination and safety. There are 222,000 miles of highways, 4.3 million commercial trucks and 14 billion tons of cargo daily crisscrossing America. It’s an industry ripe for development. A self-driving truck can produce a more efficient long-haul market. Truck drivers– no longer needing a 2nd driver or to stay awake for long stretches of time– will have the ability to perform their task safely while satisfying the needs of the booming truck industry. “At the heart of our vision is the belief that self-driving tech is the key for creating a more sustainable, productive– and above all, safer– transportation future,” Otto composed on Medium. Co-founded by Anthony Levandowski, formerly of Google’s self-driving automobile team, and Lior Ron, previously the lead engineer for Google Maps, Otto’s team includes engineers and previous workers of Google, Apple and Tesla. Rather of a new truck, Otto uses a set geared up with a Light Detection and Ranging system that uses lasers to determine ranges, video cameras and radar, according to the New york city Times. It’s a setup just like that of other self-driving cars, but Otto packages its innovation as a package that can be easily adopted by motorists who own their own industrial trucks. Daimler Trucks North Americ …
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From Excellent to Great’ SAN DIEGO, May 18, 2016/ PRNewswire/–   Omaha-based TransWood Carriers, a leading dry and liquid bulk transportation business, has a reputation for exceptional behavioral motorist training, but after a trial with the Lytx DriveCam program, the TransWood team discovered simply just how much driver behavior fine tuning might be done to enhance fleet safety. The Lytx DriveCam security program is a thorough option that combines video capture of road events such as hard braking or abrupt swerving, information analysis of those occurrences, and personalized coaching insights to improve driving behavior to assist avoid those incidents. The net result is decreases of collision-related costs by approximately 80 percent. TransWood performed a 90-vehicle trial of the DriveCam® ® program in January 2015, with unexpected results. “We had some big surprises once we started the trial with the DriveCam program,” stated TransWood’s Director of Security Randy Kopecky. “For example, we have a policy against utilizing cell phones, however the DriveCam video revealed that mobile phone use was still common during the trial.” Minimizing cell phone usage was factor enough to quickly transfer to a 450-vehicle roll-out. “Naturally, we stopped briefly and wondered, ‘if we do this, will we lose motorists?'” said Kopecky. This, he stated, is a critical question since TransWood’s drivers have vital but unusual driving skills, such as understanding intuitively the best ways to change driving to alleviate a “hard slosh” when transferring liquid chemicals. Kopecky stated they lost simply two drivers at complete roll-out, but that the large bulk, hundreds saw the program as a chance to enhance their performance. “These men are pros, and they see evaluating the video no differently than a quarterback viewing online game tapes to see exactly what they can do better,” he stated. TransWood transfers harmful materials, and is Accountable Care-certified by the American Chemistry Council, which raises the stakes for safety and makes crash avoidance top concern. Kopec …
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