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Mazda Raising Brand Image by Refining Connected Automobile

Automaker looks to link Mazda Connect more closely with motorist. Mazda ’& rsquo; s brand-new design language is implied to forecast a premium feel, which might require a connected-car offering that is advanced than the current generation of Mazda Connect. The increase of the connected car has actually altered the value equation in new-car development. Software companies and online material carriers now are crucial gamers. Automakers need to work more difficult to hold on to their brand trademarks when it concerns the driving experience. Mazda is checking out new ways to remind owners that they are driving a Mazda. It is doing that by producing apps “& ldquo; that permit you have an even much deeper connection with the automobile,” & rdquo; Julien Mountousse, the brand-new design director at Mazda North American Operations tells vehicle journalists previously this month. The difficulty, industry professionals state, will be to hang on to the positive qualities of Mazda ’& rsquo; s present connected-car experience, which they describe as already excellent. Mountousse particularly mentions 3-D navigation, eye-capture and augmented reality as three locations of interest. “& ldquo; In the future, all these apps are digital apps that can be carried out by Mazda,” & rdquo; he states. Mazda representative Jacob Brown decreases to offer more details on exactly what the car manufacturer might be doing in those locations, saying Mountousse “& ldquo; was going over all nature of technologies that the design team is dealing with from a hypothetical viewpoint of what could be in future generations of Mazdas. I can’& rsquo; t speak to any uniqueness as what he was mentioning, however we’& rsquo; re studying the numerous ways any given innovation can benefit customers.” & rdquo; Including brand-new features to Mazda Connect, the existing connected-car system, is important if the automaker wants to stick out in the mass-market section, says Scott Frank, vice president- marketing at Airbiquity, a Seattle-based telematics company. Mountousse’& rsquo; s remark is & ldquo; a recognition that Mazda has actually decided ther …
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Post Highlights Efforts to Recover Automobile Engine Heat

A paper co-authored by Yanliang Zhang and his students Nick Kempf and Luke Schoensee has actually been released in the journal Energy Conversion and Management. Zhang is an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering. Entitled “High-Temperature and high-power-density nanostructured thermoelectric generator for vehicle waste heat recuperation,” it concentrates on the advancement of thermoelectric generators (TEGs) as a method to transform the waste heat from vehicle engines into electrical energy. “Given enhancing energy use as well as decreasing nonrenewable fuel source sources worldwide, it is no surprise that interest in promoting energy performance through waste heat recovery is likewise increasing,” the paper states. However, a range of difficulties have led to couple of presentations of thermoelectric generators for vehicle waste heat recovery. Zhang and his associates established a high-performance TEG prototype with a bit more than 1 kW power output, using high-efficiency nanostructured bulk thermoelectric products. The thermoelectric module made use of in the TEG shows a record-high power density due to boosted thermoelectric products efficiencies and distinct gadget architecture. This high-performance TEG opens chances for great deals of energy harvesting and power generation applications. Zhang’s objective is to establish a commercially viable thermoelectric waste heat recuperation system efficient in enhancing the engine fuel performance by a few percent. According to the Department of Energy, only about 25 percent of a gas car’s fuel energy is made use of to drive the wheels, and more than 70 percent is lost as waste heat in the exhaust gases and to the engine coolant. Thermoelectric generators have the capability to directly convert waste heat from the hot engine exhaust into electrical power that can power vehicle auxiliary loads and accessories. Academic Administration Admissions Office of the Registrar Executive Leadership Office of the President Executive Office …
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