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Malibu makes a radical change A native land tune makes the case that “joy was Lubbock, Texas, in my rearview mirror.” The extensively upgraded 2016 Chevrolet Malibu makes the case that leaving Lubbock in the new model sure beats getting away in its predecessor. This good-looking brand-new midsize sedan is nearly 300 pounds lighter than the previous Malibu (assisting mileage) and has a longer wheelbase (helping ride comfort). And, it is now readily available with 2 effective brand-new turbocharged, direct-injected gas engines. But the real breakthrough for 2016 is the intro of the first Malibu Hybrid, a roomy, alert household automobile that has EPA mileage scores of 47 mpg city and 46 highway. The new gas/electric treats its split personality with some subtlety. There’s nothing in the design or badging that screams “I’m a hybrid.” The only ideas are a discreet H badge on the deck lid, and a gauge that measures power use rather of engine RPMs. In addition to the vehicle’s civility – it’s quieter than some high-end cars and trips well – it likewise amazed me throughout our week together with its agility, acceleration, and seamlessness. No, it’s not going to make you forget a Mazda Miata, however it does deal with well for popularly priced family transit. It remains composed throughout fairly extensive cornering, the steering is accurate, and the tires take a good bite in the turns. The Malibu Hybrid’s acceleration is thanks to a new, direct-injected 1.8-liter engine teamed with 2 electrical motors. The trio conspires to produce an overall of 182 horsepower and a substantial 277 pounds of torque. The immediate torque offered by the electric motors lets the Malibu leave its duff quite rapidly. Absolutely no to 60 is achieved in a little over 7 seconds, making it much faster than the majority of midsize four-bangers. The seamlessness derives from the technology the hybrid borrows from Chevy’s second-generation Volt plug-in. Like Honda’s hybrids, Chevys have actually changed to a brake-by-wire system. By marrying the regenerative and conventional …
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