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Look at this goverment spy truck camouflaged as a Google Streetview car Security scientist Matt Blaze discovered this car in Philadelphia. It had a huge Google Streetview sticker on the window, however Matt observed a Philadelphia Office of Fleet Management placard on the windscreen. He took an image of the automobile and tweeted it, in addition to the remark, “WTF? Pennsylvania State Police permit plate reader SUV camouflaged as Google Street View vehicle.” The PA State Cops check out Matt’s tweet and replied via Twitter, “Matt, this is not a PSP car. If this is LPR [license plate reader] technology, other agencies and companies might use it.” The placard revealing the car is owned by the City of Philadelphia. Image: Dustin Slaughter So, who is driving around in a vehicle disguised as both a Google Streetview automobile and is equipped with a license plate reader? Motherboard asked the office of Fleet Management, and got some more info: A placard on the dashboard shows that the SUV is registered with the Philadelphia Workplace of Fleet Management, which preserves city government’s 6,316 automobiles, suggesting that the car is being used by a local company. Christopher Cocci, who acts as the city’s fleet supervisor, and whose trademark is on the file, states that the vehicle does not come from the Pennsylvania State Cops, which is known to use automatic permit plate acknowledgment (ALPR), or the Philadelphia Parking Authority, a regional agency that also utilizes ALPR. So whose surveillance truck is it? “All city cars such as cops, fire, streets and so on … are signed up to the city. Quasi [public] companies like PPA, Housing Authority, PGW and School District are registered to their respective firms,” fleet supervisor Christopher Cocci composed in an email to Motherboard after reviewing pictures of the automobile. He likewise believes it to be connected to police activity. Motherboard concludes that it is most likely the city’s authorities department, not the state’s. They’ve connected to the Philadelphia Police Department but hav …
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quarter Equipment usage in the U.S. truck fleet was down for the second consecutive quarter, according to FTR’s quarterly Fleet Belief Report, results which were launched today. The report, a summary of an April survey where 47 fleets representing 37,000 power systems and 91,000 trailers reacted, showed equipment usage for power systems at 90 percent and trailer usage at 83 percent. These numbers are down a couple portion points each from the first quarter of the 2016 fiscal year. Chris Kemmer, president of CK Commercial Vehicles Research, presented the findings of the report and said the drop in usage is “not a bad circumstance. … It’s in a good variety, but it’s not growing.” Responding fleets likewise stated their parked systems, both power and trailer, were up in the second quarter to around 6 percent each, an increase from 5 percent in the first quarter. Parked systems have been increasing since 2015’s 4th quarter when both were below 2 percent. Kemmer said a similar pattern in parked automobiles was seen in 2009 and 2010, which was reflective of the declining market. Around 55 percent of reacting fleets said a motorist scarcity is influencing their fleets presently and is limiting their ability to add capacity. FTR’s business index dropped below 4.0 for the first time given that the fourth quarter of 2014, however Kemmer said it’s not a significant drop. “The rating is down listed below 4.0 on a 1-to-5 scale, so a 3.9 isn’t horrible,” she stated. “It’s not bad, however it’s not getting better. There’s absolutely nothing immediate at the minute.” Kemmer kept in mind in the report that many fleets have sufficient equipment currently to meet their capacity. Of the 47 fleets that responded to the study, 26 percent run more than 1,000 medium- and heavy-duty devices, 52 percent run 100-999 systems, and 22 percent run less than 100 systems. April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Evaluate your competency about sidetracked driving and its poten …
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