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Logikor puts security above all else

For Logikor, being a safety-first fleet isn’t really just a rational approach, it’s the factor for its presence and success. Logikor came to be in 2005 and began as a transport option job. While it outsources most of its transportation opportunities (dealing with clients and providers to match requirements and strengths), it has its own little fleet that has actually caught the attention of Trucking HR Canada and clients alike who would credit the fleet as being one that deserves a 2nd glance on the roadways. For two years running, Logikor has actually been called a winner of Trucking HR Canada’s Top Fleet Employers program, which rates fleets throughout the nation on compensation, staff member acknowledgment, lifestyle, worker engagement, wellness, expert development and recruitment/retention. Currently Logikor’s modest fleet of 10 trucks carries vehicle parts and parts for the national defense industry both domestically and cross-border. Today, it employs 15 drivers and has 27 trailers. “Everything we do is arranged and devoted,” stated Logikor’s quality and compliance manager, Rick Morgan. “And it’s all no-touch freight.” So how has such a small fleet turned the heads of some really influential members of the trucking community? According to Morgan, it’s thanks in part to its unique management design and safety-first technique. “I’ve remained in business for 30-some years,” he stated. “I have actually worked for numerous trucking business. And (here at Logikor) we’ve actually turned the entire HR management procedure away from a more traditional design of management in that … in a lot of other companies where I have actually worked, some of the transgressions we’ve dealt with here would have led to a team member being let go. We do not do that. You actually have to step a long method beyond the boundaries to be let go here. And for the many part that would be you revealing that you are unwilling to work with us to fix the behavior or activity that we’…
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Meeting with Canada’s Transport Minister

Recently, the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC) was granted an in-person meeting with the office of the Federal Transportation Minister in Ottawa. PMTC chairman Dennis Shantz, who is also fleet services supervisor for Home Hardware Stores and I, met senior authorities from the workplace of Marc Garneau. The conference was used as an opportunity, among other things, to formally present the PMTC to the relatively newly chosen and designated members of the Transport Minister’s workplace. We took this chance to make sure the Minster’s office understood what we considered a few of the hot subjects today, and the position of the PMTC and its members on those issues. Weights & measurements While we acknowledge the excellent work that has actually been done over the years by the Vehicle Weights and Measurements working group through the CCMTA, which has made excellent strides in enhancing harmony between the provinces and territories, much work still needs to be done. We are still awaiting harmony in weight allowances for wide-base single tires right throughout the land. In some jurisdictions weight penalties are still used which, oftentimes, removes a fleet from being able to spec’ this choice for cross-country travel. Trailer tails are presently only allowed in two provinces. Tails and wide-base single tires are shown to increase fuel economy, which in turn lowers GHGs. We must allow fleets to benefit from these alternatives. Six-by-two axles are also a hot subject and are managed differently in every jurisdiction, it appears. We are happy that Transport Canada’s ecoTechnolgy for Vehicles Group has been assigned to study the advantages and concerns this innovation brings and making recommendations after all studies are performed. This is likewise a known fuel-saving innovation, and as such we need to guarantee the option is completely studied so a decision can be made as to what will be allowed on our highways and at what weights. Another concern that we believe needs to be attended to …
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