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Kenworth announces several new choices for its T880 and T680

Kenworth announced numerous new options for its T880 and T680 Sunday at the Technology & Upkeep Council (TMC) meeting in Nashville, Tenn. A 40-inch sleeper for the T880 and T680 will enter production March 7. Jason Skoog, Kenworth assistant general supervisor for sales and marketing, states the 40-inch sleeper provides drivers organizational functions making the space as efficient as possible for those who periodically remain overnight. “The layout supplies excellent flexibility and option in satisfying the functional needs of truck fleets and operators,” he says. “In addition, it’s 260 pounds lighter than the Kenworth 52-inch local sleeper offering vital weight cost savings for extra payload.” Compared with the Kenworth 38-inch AeroCab sleeper, the 40-inch sleeper’s 22 cubic feet of storage area is higher, and its roofing is 6 inches lower at 87 inches, making the 40-inch sleeper the perfect height for vocational client demands. The brand-new 40-inch sleeper includes a 24-inch large by 75-inch long liftable bunk that can be slanted up to 90 degrees for simple access to under-bunk storage. It provides a cellular phone cubby, hooks particularly created to hold hard hats as well as coats, and two standard tool kit doors. Fleets and truck operators might specify the Diamond VIT or Vantage interior. An optional 19-inch by 36-inch stationary or moving window on the back of the sleeper is available as are 2 additional 19-inch by 12-inch outboard windows to go with the larger window. Added alternatives include LED marker lights, severe temperature level insulation, premium speakers, side extenders, and stainless-steel sun visor. In addition, Kenworth is making its Aero Benefit Fairing offered for order with the T680 Benefit and the 76-inch high- and mid-roof sleepers. Skoog says the brand-new Kenworth Aero Benefit Fairing flares out to much better direct air flow around the rear wheels and enables much better packaging, and the brand-new design provides for an optional under-s …
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More than 100 fleets now using Halo tire inflation system

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — — Aperia Technologies says its Halo Tire Inflator is now being utilized by more than 100 fleets. The system bolts onto truck and trailer wheels and produces its power to change tire inflation pressures through the rotational motion of the wheel. It does not tap into truck or trailer air systems. Josh Carter, CEO of Aperia, said throughout a press conference at the Innovation & Upkeep Council’s spring conferences that fleets have actually carried out extensive independent screening before deploying the system. More than 50 fleet tests have actually been carried out, he stated. “Halo is significantly preferred by all types and sizes of fleets since it’s the simplest tire inflation system to contribute to new cars or to retrofit on existing equipment,” said Carter. “In the previous year we have actually seen numerous fleets move from pilot tests, to putting Halos on all new trucks and trailers, to full fleet full retrofits. These consumers are including thousands of Halo systems after seeing outcomes of over 50 individual fleet tests that confirm the value of the Halo tire inflation system on tractors and trailers.” To help with fleet screening, Aperia offers a cordless information acquisition system that can be quickly installed to keep an eye on tire pressures and the device’s efficiency. One test showed appropriate tire inflation pressures were preserved over a 100-day period while tires without the Halo installed lost as much as 2 psi each week typically. Another fleet discovered the Halo improved fuel economy by 1.1 % and extended tire life by 14.4 %. “The implications of our client tests based upon tire wear researches are that Halo can improve tire life by 12 % typically,” Carter stated. “If Halo were utilized throughout the Class 7 and 8 trucking industry, it could minimize tire waste by over 11 million tires yearly and conserve 1.7 billion gallons of fuel from being utilized unnecessarily.” Aperia likewise revealed the hiring of trailer tail developer Andrew Smith as senior consultant. Smith founded …
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