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Ken Duttweiler Jumps Up the New Ford Mustang’s Direct-Injected 2.3 L

Ken Duttweiler has actually been constructing and customizing engines for more than 60 years. The builder of the world’s fastest internal combustion-powered land-speed-record automobile is now using his know-how establishing the new Mustang 2.3 L, turbocharged, direct-injection, EcoBoost four-cylinder motor. However do not think about this as a four-banger, think about it as a screening bed for all sorts of future direct-injection tech. “Our objective is huge horsepower– over 1,100 in race trim– but we’ve got to take infant steps initially,” Duttweiler states. “Like it or not, this is the future of performance. More than 60 percent of the Mustangs sold in southern California have the 2.3 L engine.” Primary steps are getting the engine to keep up Ford’s existing electronic devices, then figuring out the best ways to tune the factory ECU. After that, “we’ll hop up the existing production-based engine with a series of progressively bigger turbos and aftermarket web cams.” At some point, “we’ll transfer to aftermarket direct-injection engine-management systems currently under development. Ford Racing will also have a racing block and heads.” RACER plans to follow along as development proceeds. Stay tuned for future updates … See all stories on this subject FBI warns motorists to”maintain awareness”of vehicle hacks The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are alerting vehicle drivers to watch for indications that their automobiles may have been hacked.”While not all hacking events might lead to a threat to security– such as an opponent

taking control of an automobile– it is essential that customers take appropriate actions to minimize risk,”a bulletin from the agencies said. The announcement said the firms”are warning the public and manufacturers– of cars, vehicle parts, and aftermarket devices– to maintain awareness of possible concerns and cybersecurity threats related to connected automobile innovations in modern cars.”The publication comes as the so-called” Web of Things” is holding of the automobile sector. Exactly what’s more, scientists are exposing remote automobile exploits, and there’s been high-profile automobile remembers directly connected to hacking vulnerabilities. A video of a jeep Cherokee exploit that might influence more than a million cars triggered a large-scale recall of Jeep and Dodge vehicles in 2014. General Motors sent out an emergency situation upgrade to its smartphone app that could permit hackers to unlock and start the engine of the Chevrolet Volt. BMW taken care of a vulnerability where hackers could open doors on some 2.2 million automobiles. According to the bulletin, here’s what to watch out for: The bulletin urges motorists to keep their vehicle software approximately date, however it recommends doing so with caution: For the security savvy motorist, the government’s suggestions may seem obvious. However for the less digitally likely, the government’s guidance makes great, preventive sense. And if you want to tinker with your automobile’s software yourself, it ended up being legal to do so in October. New guidelines on Digital Centuries Copyright Act exemptions licensed the general public to fiddle with software in automobiles for”good faith security research”and for “lawful modification.”Listing image by Jerk Alert Productions Vulnerabilities ma … See all stories on this subject

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