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Is Your Vehicle a Personal privacy Leakage – Washington, DC Car accident Attorney – The Legal Examiner

Attackers do not need to crash automobiles to trigger trouble. A jealous, harmful hacker would use a vehicle’s navigation system to track his partner’s motions while from another location triggering the built-in microphone to covertly record discussions that happen in the automobile. Burglars are already making use of mysterious “black boxes” that, through the radio signals that control modern entry systems, unlock vehicles as the crooks walk by; some just climb up in, start the engine and repel. The next wave of attacks, researchers state, would consist of harmful software application delivered online to disable your car’s engine, with the sender providing to revive your automobile for a couple of hundred dollars. Or the brand-new generation of cordless links between automobiles and their environments– created to improve traffic circulation and avert crashes– might enable drive-by hacks. Think of a single contaminated WiFi beacon on a stretch of highway delivering a virus to every passing vehicle. Think of driving down the highway and all of a sudden your radio – – amazingly! – begins changing its own channel. Then, your wipers go. You laugh. Nevertheless, then your GPS system tells you that you are in a far land from your real place, and finally your car slows to a crawl despite your efforts to put the pedal to the metal. You may have heard privacy advocates talk about the “Internet of Things” (IoT), and finally it appears awareness is growing. The Washington Post has actually reported on a the failures of automobile manufacturers to even consider cyber security, even as they turned automobiles into a computer with wheels. Cars offered today are computer systems on wheels, with dozens of embedded chips running countless lines of code. These cars can speak with the outside world through remote key systems, satellite radios, telematic control devices, Bluetooth connections, dashboard Internet links as well as cordless tire-pressure displays. Security experts call these systems “attack surface areas,” suggesting plac …
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Rental Car Prices Inching Down for September

I just re-booked thru Costco for the 3rd time in a week. I’m down to $148.68 for a 7 day rental Intermediate Car mid September travel date. That’s what I paid last year and have about 50 days to better that deal. Yes … I now am at 296 for 2 weeks … I had that in March though for an exchangeable so still hoping for better! I hope it comes down more. I will be arriving Sept and staying for 12 nights. The very best I discovered for a mid size automobile is $301 through costco. I would prefer a compact for easier parking however there will be 4 people. I got a full size for Sept for 10 days for what I was spending for a compact lol. Changed from Dollar to Enterprise. DHCR
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