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In Ohio, your $100 goes even more than many places

City location national average 1. Mansfield $113.64 2. Youngstown-Warren $112.74 3. Akron $1 … City area nationwide average 1. Mansfield $113.64 2. Youngstown-Warren $112.74 3. Akron $112.49 4. Lima $112.11 5. Canton-Massillon $111.85 6. Cleveland-Elyria $111.73 (Ohio average) $111.61 7. Toledo $111.11 8. Cincinnati $110.50 9. Dayton $109.89 10. Columbus $106.95
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Finding a short-term second automobile for cheap – SFGate

BY RAY MAGLIOZZI Dear Automobile Talk: We are a pleased one-car family however need to broaden to two rides for a brief while so I can do information collection towards my Ph.D. argumentation. I think I’ll need a ride for about a year, then I ‘d prepare to let it go once again. Exactly what’s the most budget-friendly way to do this? I need something that’s dependable for winter travel, and I don’t mind having a payment for the short term. I simply hate to get a three-year lease when I require an automobile for only 12 months. Naturally, I will certainly have a committee … so maybe I’ll require three years after all.– Laura Judging from how long it took my sibling to complete his dissertation, I think you may need one of those 84-month leases, Laura. Possibly two of them. I have a number of alternatives for you. The time-honored alternative is to obtain a car from a relative. However if that’s not in the cards, the best solution is a late-model secondhand automobile. Automobiles that are 3 to 5 years old tend to still be extremely dependable these days (assuming they’ve been taken a look at and OK ‘d by your own mechanic.) Due to the fact that depreciation has actually currently taken a big bite through the value of the automobile during its very first few years, vehicles that are 3, 4 and 5 years old tend to be good deals: You’ll probably pay less than half of what the car initially cost. And due to the fact that depreciation decreases as the vehicle gets older, you’ll lose less when you offer it. So, let’s state you buy a 4-year-old Subaru Impreza, just as an example (with four-wheel drive for the winter.) And let’s say you discover one with less than 60,000 miles for $12,000. If you do not beat it up too severely (if your information collection does not include chasing polar bears around glaciers), you may be able to sell it a year later on with 75,000 miles for $9,000 or $10,000. So that’s the general strategy I ‘d advise. A 2nd alternative depends on the age and condition of your existing car. If it’s older and will have to be replaced in the next few years, you might consider buying a brand-new or more recent vehicle as the “family vehicle.” You would utilize your existing car for a year to do your data collection. Then you ‘d offer the older automobile and keep the newer one as the family automobile when you complete your argumentation– or in 2027, whichever precedes. Best of luck, Laura. Send us a copy of your tome when you’re done. Like your buddies and coworkers, we will not read it either, but I’m sure we’ll be impressed by its heft.See all stories on this subject

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