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Porsche fanatics are, will we say, specific about things. Particularly custom. So when the business revealed that it would offer the age-old 911 and its Boxster and Cayman siblings with turbocharged engines and nothing else, it produced more than a little hand-wringing. Oh sure, Porsche knows more than many about the wonders of forced induction, however the marque is specified by its heritage, which includes a glorious naturally aspirated flat-six engine that goes like hell. It booked turbos for its race vehicles and its highest-performing designs. Therefore it has been, hence it will be. However Porsche needs to change, prodded by progressively strict federal fuel economy requirements that require doing more with less. Turbos do exactly that, which is why everybody, even Ferrari, is welcoming them. The tech is reasonably uncomplicated: A little compressor, driven by exhaust gas, forces more air into the consumption chamber. More air and more fuel equals more power. The charm of turbos is they are, for the most part, need driven. More power when you desire it, better fuel economy when you do not. Yet turbocharging has drawbacks, most notably the pause in between mashing the pedal and feeling the outcome, a phenomenon called turbo lag. It remains to diminish as the technology continues to enhance, however it will never ever disappear entirely. That led some to worry a turbo will dilute the pinpoint-precise throttle response of Porsche’s engines. Neglect the zealots’ enraged comparisons to Mitsubishi Evos and Subaru STi’s. Porsche’s made an incredible four-cylinder turbocharged engine. Motorists won’t be left wanting for power. Regardless of having smaller sized engines, the 718 Boxster that I drove is quicker, torquier, and delivers a 14 percent bump in fuel economy over its predecessor with a bigger engine. The 2-liter base model produces 300 horsepower—— up 35 percent — and great bump to 280 pound-feet of torque. The sportier S variation with the 2.5-liter engine de …
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