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How do you un-seize an engine?I have an older engine that

is taken. It is a 1953 Desoto Hemi. How can I un-seize it? I have sprayed Sea Foam Deep Creep down the plugs and let sit for weeks. In addition to transmission fluid. To no get, this bad kid won’t split. I have tried to utilize a monkey wrench on the pulley, with a 10′ solid steel pipe as an extension. It would not move. I presume making use of a 20′ extension might assist the scenario. There needs to be an organized technique to get this turning. Stop attempting to crank it and begin beginning to dismantle it. Something is seriously incorrect with it and requiring it will only break more stuff that may not currently be broken. Particularly if you have no idea what caused it to take in the first place. The only thing more irritating than a taken engine is a taken engine with a sheared off bolt in the nose of the crank. Conserve yourself the headache. I would start by disconnecting the crankshaft from the camshaft and seeing if the bottom half can turn when detached from the valvetrain. Resembles you’ve currently done that so on to the next action. If that doesn’t work, remove one head, try once more, then take off the other. Possibly a valve and a piston struck each other truly hard and are wedged together? Next, remove the oil pan and look up the cylinder tires. See anything amusing? No? Get rid of the oil pump and get rid of the rods from the crank and start pressing the rods and pistons out the top one by one. See anything amusing with the bearings? The pistons? The cylinder walls? When all the rods and pistons are out, off come the main caps, the bearings and the camshaft. Then you can start examining the cylinder walls and the piston skirts. This will tell you why the engine is taken. The reconstruct might then commence. If Sea Foam and transmission fluid did not work, I would stop attempting to crank the engine. If you force the engine you will likely harm it. If I had to guess, there is corrosion built up on the cylinder wall around the rings. Forcing the pistons past these rust rings …
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Man in underclothing hold on to automobile roof to stop thief

A guy outfitted only in boxer shorts stopped a burglar from stealing his car in southern Norway – by sticking on to the roofing system in a hair-raising trip at -17 C. Police say the owner was left “pretty bloody” after the car crashed into a safety obstacle on a bridge. A suspect has been taken into police custody. The owner, 25, awakened in Kristiansand in the early hours of Wednesday when he heard his automobile engine shooting up … See all stories on this topic

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