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GBA Solutions looks forward with cam technology

Lancashire-based time crucial and high-value-goods logistics carrier, GBA Solutions, is presenting forward facing cam innovation across its entire truck and van fleet. A preliminary tranche of 50 automobiles are already fitted with the Intelligent Telematics IT1000 systems, with the continuing to be 150 DAF XF tractor devices and Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans earmarked for completion by the end of 2015. The business states its drivers, while at first sceptical, have actually now accepted the intro of the brand-new cams. Furthermore, efficiency gains are being realised thanks to the system’s capability to keep an eye on occurrences of extreme braking and acceleration. “It didn’t take long for the motorists to see the benefits of the brand-new cam systems,” said Fleet Manager, Mark Hailwood, “there was an initial resistance, but they fasted to understand that, in fact, the cams are for their welfare. We’re able to analyse and change driving strategy in order to improve performance, too. “It is very important for us to roll-out the technology right throughout the fleet,” he said, “our motorists are our biggest possession, regardless of whether they lag the wheel of a van or an optimum weight six-axle truck and trailer.” The road, sea and air-freight specialist is investing over ₤ 100,000 in the new technology, and Hailwood is confident of recouping the investment in the short-to-medium term. “Currently, we have actually made cost savings on spurious insurance coverage claims from third party complaintants,” he included, “and we anticipate the electronic cameras to pay for themselves by the end of 2017. On a specific event, we had the ability to recuperate monies following an occurrence even when our driver was far from his automobile. A trailer had reversed into his car and vacated the scene without reporting the occurrence. With the new camera on-board,” he said, “we were able to trace the vehicle and, upon viewing the irrefutable proof, the company included fulfilled the expense of the repair.” The Intelligent Telematics 3G cam system …
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6 Steps for Managing Your Fleet’s Energy Spending plan

Editor’s note: The following post was composed by Christopher Lyon, a former fleet supervisor who currently functions as director of fleet relations for NTEA– The Association for the Work Truck Industry. Daryl Dever, a lobbyist and federal government specialist from the Columbus, Ohio local, died after being stung multiple times during a golf outing in Northerhn Michigan, NBC 4 reports. Learn more The company is proposing stronger requirements for pesticide applicators who use “restricted-use” pesticides. Learn more PCT’s present question asks: Have you ever gotten into an accident while driving your service vehicle? Learn more …
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