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Five truck trend takeaways from January

We understand it is difficult to keep track of everything that happens on the planet of trucking. So here are the most significant stories concentrated on the latest truck trends, all in one place. “From the beginning, people stated it couldn’t last. The falling diesel fuel rates were bound to be momentary; fleets ought to not change their budget. There was every reason to believe this was true– it had actually been years since diesel rates hit such a low. Then they kept falling and falling, and they stayed low for the rest of the year– the lowest, in truth, that they have actually been since May of 2009.” Can diesel prices stay this low? Associate Editor Alex Crissey has a look at fuel rate trends, and where they may head in 2016. “In the past year, safety systems that orchestrate radar, electronic camera systems and adaptive cruise control features have actually grown in popularity as fleets intend to alleviate collisions, decrease costs and much better secure not just the motorist and truck, but those who share the road with these heavy trucks.” With safety systems ending up being a bigger part of the trucking market all the time, Fleet Devices does a walk around of the latest advanced safety system offerings from Bendix, Meritor WABCO and Detroit Assurance. “Christmas came early for the trucking market when the Federal Motor Carrier Security Administration (FMCSA) gift-wrapped the Electronic Logging Gadget (ELD) Final Guideline and positioned it under the tree on Dec. 10, 2015. Fleet Equipment ripped open the policy package and talked with truck innovation specialists who are on the ELD front lines. So let’s solve into it.” Editor Jason Morgan dug into the ELD Final Rule and took the pulse of the lobbyists in the truck innovation segment. If you’re searching for a summary of exactly what will be needed and the devices that will satisfy your requirements, look no even more. Click here to check out all about the ELD Final Rule. “A durable truck moving at highway speeds is bound to exper …
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Steamboat Springs City Council weighs in on proposed modifications to city snow raking ops

Steamboat Springs — — The Steamboat Springs City board on Tuesday started plowing ahead with modifications to the city’s substantial snow elimination operations. But 5 council members chose to hold off on accepting the purchase of 2 brand-new road graders city officials say will permit the city to considerably enhance the safety and quality of the raking operations. The council did permit the city to lease one grader so plowing operations might be altered right away. City Street Superintendent David Van Winkle stated the city’s dependence on sand trucks as the workhorses of the snow elimination fleet has shown inefficient and risky in recent years. The sand trucks often break down and have been associated with numerous accidents when the blades on the trucks break through the snowpack on the roadway and are injected the opposing lane of traffic. In addition, due to the fact that the plows on the trucks extend just a foot to the right of the trucks, drivers frequently unintentionally drive them into ditches or off the roadway when attempting to expand streets. This results in a loss of plowing time and towing bills. A sand truck fell under a drainage ditch on Steamboat Boulevard and needed to be pulled Tuesday afternoon simply hours prior to City Council considered authorizing modifications to the snow removal system. Last month, a veteran sand truck motorist likewise repelled Amethyst Drive and nearly rolled down a high embankment but was conserved by a lone pine tree on the hill. Even after city officials described the dangers of the existing system, a majority of the council had not been ready to order the two brand-new road graders for next cold month. Councilman Tony Connell desired the city to first investigate whether the additional road graders might be contracted from a private business rather of bought. He also suggested it might be much better if the city purchased utilized graders. He compared city personnel’s request for the brand-new roadway graders to buying “Mercedes” and chasing after glossy toys. Public Functions Director Chuck Anderson disagreed with that compari …
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