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Five truck trend takeaways from December

We know it is difficult to stay up to date with everything that takes place worldwide of trucking. So here are the month’s stories on the most significant truck trends, all in one place. From sophisticated security systems to automated manual transmissions to medium-duty applications, Fleet Devices Editor Jason Morgan breaks down the most significant trends of 2015. Which was crowned trend of the year? Continue reading to discover: The truck equipment trend of the year The medium-duty truck trends of the year Truck Trends 2015: Autonomous, not driverless Keeping an eye on 2016’s next huge thing “What does the future hold for the attempted and real manual? Will it keep an area in the trucking market, or will it go the way of vinyl records or VHS tapes, hopelessly outdated for all however the most determined collectors? There are constantly those fleets that will always want to spec a manual transmission. There are also those that choose the level of control that manuals provide, a level that merely can’t be matched by AMTs … yet.” With automated manual transmissions are ending up being more and more common than ever; with that in mind, Associate Editor Alex Crissey asks: exactly what’s the future of manuals? “Historically, fleet operators have attempted to spread out devices expenses over a longer period by running a truck up until it becomes functionally obsolete. However, by running much shorter devices life-cycles only to the point of financial obsolescence, fleets are understanding greater expense savings through improved fuel economy, very little maintenance and repair costs, and enhanced driver retention. That truck operation viewpoint has been acquiring understanding and momentum throughout all markets.” More and more fleets are having trouble finding the made use of trucks they desire, with growing need far outstripping supply. Editor-at-Large Carol Birkland describes the used truck dilemma. “For medium-duty fleets, thinking about all the factors in innovation maintenance and repair is a proven pat …
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Nobull Appointed To Drive Financial investment For Electric Truck Pioneer

Nobull Communications has actually been selected by electric truck business Tevva Motors as its PR, social and digital firm to drive the company’s next round of investment. Tevva Motors is at the leading edge of the advancement of the next generation of electrical metropolitan delivery van. Its innovative innovation can be retrofitted to older automobiles or included in new builds on the production line and already counts UPS as one of its clients. Nobull Communications has been tasked with raising Tevva’s profile for its next round of financial investment, key for its continued development of brand-new technology which it plans to give market in the next three years. “Nobull has actually come highly recommended as providing high profile media campaigns in the EV space in addition to supporting business like Tevva in bringing new technologies to market,” explained Asher Bennett, CEO of Tevva Motors. “Tevva might only be a couple of years of ages, but it has a fascinating story to share. We are really thrilled at having the ability to bring Tevva and its new innovations to life throughout a range of Public Relations, social networks and digital channels,” said Steve Carman, Director of Nobull Communications … See all stories on this topic

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