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Fiat Chrysler to remember 1.4 million vehicles following remote hack – CNET –

Fiat Chrysler is remembering 1.4 million cars due to a bug in its Uconnect software application. Antuan Goodwin/CNET Fiat Chrysler is recalling 1.4 million rides in the wake of a software problem that would allow hackers to take push-button control of a vehicle. The car manufacturer announced on Friday that the voluntary security recall will certainly upgrade the software application in around 1.4 million United States rides geared up with specific radios. The reason for the issue exists in the Uconnect system, which lets smartphone users communicate with specific Fiat Chrysler vehicles online utilizing Sprint’s network. The feature permits owners to from another location switch on the engine, track the location of their vehicle making use of GPS and take advantage of numerous anti-theft functions. The bug in the Uconnect system software was revealed earlier today by 2 security researchers dealing with Wired magazine senior writer Andy Greenberg. The scientists were able to remotely manage a Jeep through its IP address online, enabling them to turn the brakes on and off, turn on the windscreen wipers as well as shut off the engine. The vulnerability highlights the fundamental risks and dangers as our devices and gadgets become more linked, specifically over the open Internet. Bugs are a truth of life for software application. However in this case, the bug in this specific software application would prove fatal to a driver. Car manufacturers and other tech companies are racing to outfit automobiles with more technology, specifically ones that connect them through the Internet. Cars are no longer simply standalone gadgets any longer; they belong to the Web of Things. That can leave them as susceptible as other connected gadgets, but with higher effects. Though Fiat Chrysler took the step of recalling all affected automobiles, the company has actually currently aimed to address the issue and smooth over the concerns of automobile owners. The car manufacturer said it has actually applied “network-level security measures” that would avoid the kind of push-button control gain access to demonstrated by the researchers. Teste …
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Fiat Chrysler to recall vehicles to prevent hacking

(Reuters) — — Fiat Chrysler is remembering about 1.4 million vehicles in the United States to update software for radios to avoid hacking. The statement by FCA United States L.L.C., formerly Chrysler Group L.L.C., follows cyber security scientists made use of the Web to switch off an automobile’s engine as it drove, intensifying issues about the security of Internet-connected vehicles. The researchers used Fiat Chrysler’s telematics system to get into a car being driven on the highway and concern commands to the engine, steering and brakes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and members of Congress have expressed concern about the security of Internet-connected automobile control systems. 2 Democrats presented a costs on Tuesday that would direct the NHTSA to develop requirements for separating vital software application and discover hacking as it happens. FCA stated in its recall announcement on Friday that it was unaware of any injuries connected to software application exploitation. The remembered rides consist of the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Cherokee SUVs from design years 2014 and 2015 and 2015 Dodge Opposition sports coupes, to name a few. FCA stated influenced customers will get a memory stay with upgrade vehicle software application that will certainly supply extra security. The NHTSA said it would not instantly comment, while FCA could not be immediately reached for remark … See all stories on this subject

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