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EV Safe Charge ™ Turnkey EV Charging Solutions Featured at Sixth Yearly ACT Expo

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 01, 2016 EV Safe Charge, a nationwide EV charging setup and services group, has actually revealed its participation in the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo at the Long Beach Convention Center, May 2 – 5. Actively engaging with its partners in making the world a much better place, EV Safe Charge will focus its efforts at the show on helping companies across the country effectively “green” their truck fleets. EV Safe Charge offers its signature concierge service and provides personalized options to satisfy any consumer’s specific requirements. “EV Safe Charge is enthusiastic about delivering exceptional service, since it was the general absence of service that stimulated the creation of the company,” states Vicki James, company spokesperson. “They know that lots of fleet customers, upon making the decision to transform their fleets, can become annoyed and confused, understanding they have to go it alone to find out which battery charger system is best for them, how to get it set up, just how much it will cost, not to mention a host of other questions surrounding guarantees or discounts.” EV Safe Charge offers straightforward and actionable responses to all those concerns. Operating in tandem with industry leaders such as Bosch, ClipperCreek, EV-Box, EV Connect, GE and Schneider Electric, EV Safe Charge provides a turnkey solution to one of the most crucial difficulties of our time– how to wean ourselves from our reliance on the internal combustion engine. As retail and commercial fleets across the country convert to green solutions, so likewise will the requirement grow for electric charging ability. Business that are converting to electric-based fleets in order to minimize fuel expenses, and improve the environment and their track records, can trust EV Safe Charge to provide a one-stop, easy and cost-effective solution for picking and setting up commercial EV battery chargers. EV Safe Charge collaborates with fleet managers and truck operators on product choice, netw …
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Rivigo includes relay system to fuel olden transportation biz

When Deepak Garg offered the owner of a courier company to take a truckload of goods from Delhi to Mumbai in 35 hours against the usual 70, the latter ruled it out as difficult. However Garg, creator and CEO of Rivigo, not just handled to cover the journey in 35 hours, however over the last few months has actually decreased the travel time to 28 hours. Rivigo is an 18-month young logistics business, which owns more than 1,000 trucks, and has 200 clients. So what is the modus operandi? “& ldquo; Our trucks shouldn’& rsquo; t stop on the highway– that’& rsquo; s our religion, & rdquo; Garg states. Rivigo calls it the relay system. After every four to five hours, the truck halts at a rest stop, the motorist changes and the truck moves on. Between Delhi and Mumbai there are 5 rest stop. In the traditional truck business, one truck motorist does the entire trip, drops in between, takes rest and then drives the next day. “& ldquo; In this way every motorist can return back house every night, and not remain on the roads for days,” & rdquo; Garg describes. An overall of 41 rest stop have actually been build throughout the nation. Around 20 more are coming up. The customer list is impressive, with names like Hero MotoCorp, Nestle, Voltas and Lupin. Summers hit south India early. Sellers lost their stock of Voltas air-conditioners. Rivigo provided the A/cs in 2 days. When Maggi needed to return on shelves after the ban, Rivigo dealt with the logistics. Earlier, Hero took eight days to send out bikes from its Neemrana plant to Chennai. Rivigo now does it in two to three days. Garg is considering the $100-billion surface area logistics company in India. It has geo-fenced every toll-booth in the country, every truck is fitted with GPS tracking, and rest stop have sensors. The truck business in India is extremely unorganised. While in the US, more than 50 % of the transport is dealt with by organised gamers, in India it is a little less than 10 %. In China it is 35 % and in Brazil around 80 %. The largest fleet owner in the United States has 100,000 …
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