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Engine swap

I have a 1991 honda accord ex with a 2.2 L and car transmission. I want to get a new engine and transmission. What is the greatest i can put in it, and can i swap it to a manual transmission? I simply wa … I have a 1991 Honda accord. i want to put a H22 engine and tranny into it. Will i have to get a new ECU also considering that its a different engine? i have a 1989 honda accord lxi and was questioning if the vtect f22b would fit in it without having to move the engine installs please let me know if it can be done or if i have to get brand-new mounts mad … i want to replace my old engine with a vtech or something with more hp its car and id like to keep it that way exists a specific way i can determine what can and can not go in there? Hi. I was questioning exactly what all I would have to do a swap in my Sol from a 99 civic D16Y7 to a K20A series engine. The present engine has SOHC and no vtec. So what would i have to get for the swap to wor …
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Among the hottest principle vehicles at the automobile show has Toledo ties

DETROIT (13abc Action News) – There are hundreds of vehicles on screen in Detroit and we’ve been there all week offering you a take a look at a few of the best rides. From the Toledo-built Jeeps and GM automobiles powered by transmissions made at Toledo Powertrain to a few of the most pricey vehicles worldwide, you can see it all at the North American International Car Program. One of the most spoken about cars at the auto program is the Buick Avista. it is just a concept automobile now but if it enters into production engineers say GM’s Toledo workforce will contribute to it. The Avista is getting a lot of looks in Detroit. In reality, it was granted the very best idea vehicle of the show. For starters, it’s a bit various than what you may expect from Buick. Matt Hand is a Buick spokesman,”Buick is going through a renaissance today, a great deal of things are altering and individuals don’t anticipate something like this from Buick, let’s be truthful.” So what are the opportunities of seeing one of these on the roadway anytime quickly,”Being a concept, we have no set prepares for production. Now that can always change but for now we are truly just testing the waters, this is really early in the Avista’s advancement cycle.” Back to that regional tie to the concept automobile. If the Avista becomes a reality, it will be powered by an 8- speed transmission constructed here in Toledo. Hand says it has some excellent engine specs too, “This has a brand new powertrain from GM. It’s a direct-injected V6 with not simply one, but 2 turbo battery chargers pumping out 400 horse power. 400 Horsepower in a Buick, Is something you might now anticipate. This is really a sports car.” Obviously a lot of the brands that have made high-end automobiles for decades are in Detroit consisting of Mercedes, Audi, BMW and Cadillac. There’s also a brand-new vehicle entering the fold. The Genesis which is a brand-new luxury division of Hyundai. The G80 and G90 designs made their world debuts in Detroit. Veronica Berry is a brand and product specialist for Genesis, “We have designers who pertained to ge …
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