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Electric Automobile War Sends out Lithium Prices Soaring

Electric Automobile War Sends out Lithium Rates Sky High With lithium costs increasing beyond wildest expectations, talk heating up about acquisitions and mergers in this space and a fast-brewing war amongst electric vehicle rivals, it’s no wonder everyone’s bullish on this golden commodity that promises to become the “brand-new fuel”. Moreover, land grabs, rising cost forecasts, and expectations of a significant demand spike are jumping out of the shadows of a pending energy revolution and a brand-new technology-driven resource era. For as soon as, we have agreement throughout the board on a product: Need for lithium will continue to increase throughout the year–– and beyond – stimulated by the increase of battery mega/gigafactories and a blossoming energy storage company that will change the way we live. That’s why Goldman Sachs calls lithium the “brand-new gasoline”. It’s likewise why The Economic expert calls it “the world’s most popular commodity”, and discuss a “international scramble to protect supplies of lithium by the world’s largest battery producers, and by end-users such as carmakers.” In fact, as the Financial expert notes, the cost of 99 %-pure lithium carbonate imported to China more than doubled in the two months to the end of December– putting it at a whopping $13,000 per heap. But what you might not understand is that this playing field is fast ending up being a battleground that has big names such as Apple, Google and start-up Faraday Future throwing down for electrical vehicle market share and even supposedly gaming to see who can take the best engineers. Apple has now come out of the closet with prepare for its own electrical automobile by 2019, putting it on a direct collision course with Tesla. And Google, too, is pressing fast into this arena with its self-driving vehicle project through its Alphabet holding business. Then we have the Faraday Future start-up– backed by Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting–– which has charged onto this scene with prepare for …
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