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Driving retention: How the best devices can keep the ideal chauffeurs in the seats

Fuel performance and overall cost of ownership usually top the charts of topics here at Fleet Devices. On the other hand, you can spec the most effective, cost-effective trucks possible, but it’s no usage if you do not have anyone to drive them. Just take a look at the American Trucking Associations’ newest chauffeur turnover numbers. Even though turnover at large truckload fleets fell 13 points in the first quarter, it still rests at an upsetting 89%– the lowest it has been since the 2nd quarter of 2015. It’s the same terrifying story at smaller fleets– providers with less than $30 million in yearly revenue– turnover dipped one indicate 88%, the lowest point given that the third quarter of 2015. And less-than-truckload (LTL) fleets aren’t faring much better, as turnover dropped three indicate 8%, the most affordable point considering that the 2nd quarter of 2013. As the fleet manager, perhaps it’s time to ask not exactly what the motorists can do for your equipment, but what your devices can do for your chauffeurs. “Numerous clients tell us that their primary difficulty is driver retention,” said Denny Mooney, International Trucks’ senior vice president of global item advancement. “They state that, due to the chauffeur shortage, they are increasingly hard-pressed to keep all their trucks operating. Fleets are losing numerous chauffeurs who are experiencing obstacles with the lifestyle. So, they are wanting to make that way of life more attractive and are likewise wanting to open truck driving to individuals who might not have actually considered it in the past. For instance, it’s just sound judgment to eliminate the challenge of having to discover ways to drive a manual transmission. Today’s automated handbook transmissions are expanding the driver pool.” With a goal to craft devices that fulfills the fleets’ needs and chauffeurs’ expectations, International launched its DriverFirst effort, a research-based program that takes a look at how their customers and their drivers respond to the convenience, security, performance and effectiveness elements of the automobiles. “We collected input directly from chauffeurs who took part in chauffeur clinics, in addition to fleet customers’ feedback and research studies of chauffeur patterns,” Mooney described. “The crucial takeaway from all this research was that chauffeurs want trucks that are created to do the job. They really aren’t looking for something automotive or futuristic for its own sake. They just want something comfortable and functional, with a design that helps them do their task better and more quickly.” Mooney fasted to point out that it’s no easy job to sum up a group as diverse as truck motorists. Based on International’s research study, chauffeurs are practical business people, who definitely delight in a truck’s animal conveniences, however are concentrated on equipment that get the work done quickly, effectively and safely. “Drivers aren’t shy about revealing their gratitude for traits like disc brakes, which are much easier to drive and preserve than drum brakes,” Mooney associated, indicating a component that isn’t typically thought of as a driver retention spec. “Other enhancements they inform us they desire are things like putting essential engine controls on the steering column, or clustering information shows to make essential info simpler to gain access to. “To end the driver scarcity, we have to assist them expand the swimming pool of certified chauffeurs. We also have to reduce the barriers to going into the profession, and make truck driving more appealing,” he continued. “So instead of focusing on removing the chauffeur, I ‘d say that the market needs to concentrate on assisting the chauffeur– an individual who is a valuable resource. We can begin that procedure by making sure we are building cars that drivers actively wish to drive.” In April, Kenworth Truck Co. announced Mike Dozier as the brand-new general manager of Kenworth and vice president of PACCAR. Prior to taking this task, Dozier served for the past … Read more Smokey Point Dispersing has been called the Security Fleet of the Year in the typical carrier category (over 5 million miles) by the Washington Trucking Associations. “We take security to … Read more Business Type: * -Select One- Contract/Common Carrier Lease/Rental Bus Transport Other Private Fleets Food Production/Processing Construction/Mining/Logging Petroleum Production/Marketing Energy Manufacturing/Processing Retail/Wholesale Federal government Manufacturers Truck/Trailer Dealers Truck Equip. Distributors Fleet Service/ Repair Specialists Others Show the size of your fleet: * -Select One- 1- 4 Automobiles 5-9 10-24 25 – 49 50 – 99 100 – 299 300 – 499 500 – 799 800 – 999 1,000 or more n/a
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