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Drivewyze Computes Cash Saved by Bypassing Weigh Stations

Drivewyze, which provides weigh station bypass by means of an app on a smartphone or tablet, says it’& rsquo; s now able to do some intriguing analytics of all the information gathered from 3 years’ & rsquo; worth of operation, consisting of just how much fleets save by bypassing weigh stations. For instance, take the oft-cited fact that it costs $8.68 each time a truck needs to stop at a weigh station, explained Doug Johnson, director of marketing, at last week’& rsquo; s Mid-America Trucking Program in Louisville, Ky. That number comes from a 2007 research study sponsored by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Drivewyze just recently took a look at its information to assess that figure. It sampled more than 13 million weigh station visits over a two-month duration, and utilized the current upgraded functional costs data from the American Transportation Research study Institute to examine not only direct expenses however likewise lost opportunity costs. It discovered that the average pull-in (not counting trucks that were put out of service) took 3.37 minutes. A quarter of those took 47 seconds or less. Another quarter took in between 48 seconds and a minute and 18 seconds. Another quarter took a minute 19 seconds to 2 minutes and 20 seconds, and the continuing to be 25 % took longer than that. The resulting cost, Drivewyze figured out, was $9.26 typical conserved per bypass. However, Johnson stressed, “& ldquo; there & rsquo; s no such thing as a typical truck or fleet. What interested us were the outliers.” & rdquo; For instance, they found out that one truck passed a scale in Minnesota 14 times every day, conserving that business $2,000 a month. “& ldquo; Exactly what we can do is actually reveal a fleet the real loss for them. They can plug in their expense per mile or hour and run the analytics on their own trucks.” & rdquo; This details can help fleets figure out if it makes sense to use the bypass system. Perhaps it just makes sense to utilize it on a specific part of the fleet that would avoid a great deal of weigh station stops. This type of analytics, Johnson stated, “& ldquo; is the di …
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Altec Receives NTEA Work Truck Program 2016 Green Award

BIRMINGHAM, AL–(Marketwired – April 06, 2016) – Altec, Inc. revealed today that it has received the NTEA Work Truck Program ® 2016 “Green Award”. Chosen by a panel of trade media editors and truck fleet supervisors, the Green Award honors the product that best enhances work truck fuel utilization and effectiveness. Altec was recognized for its JEMS ® 4 Series (Jobsite Energy Management System). “Altec is genuinely honored to have gotten the 2016 Work Truck Show Green Award,” said Lee Styslinger III, Altec Chairman and CEO. “The utility market has acknowledged the have to determine and execute sustainability initiatives and practices. It makes excellent company sense. Altec stays dedicated to establishing items and solutions that help consumers satisfy their sustainability targets, reduce their carbon footprint and work more effectively.” The JEMS 4 Series, a hybrid electrical system for utility work trucks, offers significant decreases in carbon footprint, boosts engine life and alleviates engine maintenance by immediately eliminating unneeded idle time. The incorporated plug-in system includes lithium-ion energy, engine-off taxi heating and air conditioning and an amazed PTO (ePTO) for hydraulic power. The ePTO is an on-demand system which conserves energy by operating just with the activation of the upper or lower controller interlock or by engaging the hydraulic tool circuit. It is equipped with Altec’s advanced Idle Mitigation System, which gets rid of unneeded idle time whenever the automobile is parked and instantly shifts from engine power to JEMS power. Established in 1964, NTEA– The Association for the Work Truck Market, represents almost 1,800 companies that produce, disperse, set up, offer and fix business trucks, truck bodies, truck devices, trailers and devices. The Association supplies in-depth technical details, education, and member programs and services, and produces The Work Truck Show ® and Green Truck Summit. Altec is a …
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