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Driverless Heavy Trucks Hit European Highways

CleanTechnica is the # 1 cleantech-focused news & analysis website worldwide. Subscribe today! The future is now . We are seeing the first fruits of autonomous driving innovation in the individual car market, however other sections of the transport market are similarly preparing for disruption by autonomous driving technology. Heavy trucks are the backbone of the shipping industry in numerous nations, and due to their size and mass, are subsequently involved in most of traffic accident deaths. As many heavy-truck routes are taken care of, predictable routes with a majority of the driving time being freeway driving, they make a terrific case study for being switched over to autonomous driving. The folks over at Foro Coches Electricos unboxed the current chapter in a heavy-truck task called Future Truck being checked out by a trio of car makers — — Mercedes, Volvo, and Scania. These 3 makers are visiting some of the largest autonomous automobiles on any roadway in the world out onto the freeway to drive themselves. What!? As with individual automobiles, bringing self-governing driving innovation into the world of heavy trucks is anticipated to bring enhancements in safety, but likewise improvements in effectiveness. Neither vehicle mishaps or ineffectiveness add any value to the items being transported, so enhancing the overall fuel performance and security of heavy trucks is a win all around. Nobody likes paying more for items, so yeah, this is huge. On top of that, traffic accidents harm genuine people, so cutting those down drive up the quality of life and life expectancy, which might be among the biggest advantages of this tech. The test track, if you will, is a 600 kilometer/ 373 mile stretch of highway in between the German city of Stuttgart and the Dutch city of Rotterdam that enables the makers to experiment with their new and creative autonomous driving tech for big rigs. Driving out on the highway obv …
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Walsh: Fire Department maintenance problem ‘put the public at risk’

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh acknowledged that the messed up preventative upkeep program at the Boston Fire Department’s fleet upkeep division is a major hazard, telling 5 Examines “We put our firemens at threat and we likewise put the public at risk.” Enjoy the report Walsh’s comments came one day after 5 Investigates revealed a scathing report of the Boston Fire Department’s fleet upkeep department, a report all the more uncomfortable considered truck maintenance was mainly faulted in the 2009 death of fire Lt. Kevin Kelley, who was in Ladder 26 when it crashed into a building after its brakes failed. 3 other firefighters were injured. “We had a great deal of situations in our Fire Department where we weren’t doing the preventative upkeep and we put our firemens at risk and we likewise put the public at danger,” Walsh said. To name a few findings, the report revealed that fire apparatus were consistently missing preventative maintenance, with some trucks more than 200 days overdue. Walsh was informed on the report, but he likewise said that the age of Boston’s fire fleet was likewise an issue. The city is preparing to induce 19 new fire engine by the end of next fiscal year. “When you drive by a few of the firehouses, you look in and see them on the streets and see some of our red engines utilized to be more looking white now due to the fact that of the wear and tear on them,” Walsh stated. “The (Fire Department) Commissioner’s made some modifications and will continue to make changes in the mechanical element of the department, but likewise repairing and introducing new equipment. That’s something we need to continually do,” Walsh stated. However the report, quietly filed last month and first reported by 5 Investigates, focuses mostly on management failures within the fleet upkeep department. “When I got there I was stunned, I was surprised I could not think the store remained in that state of affairs,” report author Ralph Craven told 5 Investigates’ Kathy Curran. Craven composed in his report that the …
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