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Does the motorist of the future even exist?Like a number of

you, I was born into a culture that was obsessed with the car. Americans didn’t create the vehicle. But they definitely accepted it in a way that no other nation did. For Americans of my age, automobiles have constantly been the ultimate expression of swagger, uniqueness and flexibility. However America’s love affair with the automobile appears to be waning. The Millennial generation and teenagers maturing today seem mainly indifferent to the concept of the automobile as a romantic or adventuresome icon. They have the tendency to look upon automobiles as mere tools– a way to obtain from Point A to Point B efficiently. That’s why when I see brand-new car designs from Google or Apple, they look entirely alien to me– entirely lacking the character and character that was an essential in American automotive design for most of my life. And there’s another element of young Americans’ indifference to the automobile: Surprising numbers of them do not drive. Popular NowHow trustworthy is ELD self-certification?”Video game altering” predictive maintenance coming soon, DTNA exec saysDriven to win: Deploying video game theory in trucking Let me clarify that point: A number of them will drive when they have to. But a surprising variety of them can not drive at all. They have no concept the best ways to drive a vehicle and no genuine interest in knowing, as this current post in U.S.A Today found. The story mentions a recent study by the University of Michigan’& rsquo; s Transport Institute, pointed out in the story, which found that only three in four individuals aged 20 to 24 years old in 2014 had a motorist’& rsquo; s license. On the other hand, the research states, nearly 92 percent of people because very same age group had a motorist’& rsquo; s permit in 1983. Which is something to consider the next time someone states automated manual and automatic transmissions are popular today since youths can’t run a manual transmission: A a great deal of them cannot even run an automatic one, either! All of these are more reasons to suspect …
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