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District Marketplace opens with food trucks, artisans, music and crowds (+video)

When Donnie Hutchins resided in Portland, Ore., he liked checking out outdoor markets filled with regional food suppliers, crafters and live music. It was among the perks of big-city living, he said. When he ultimately relocated to Wichita and opened his own food truck, Mr Natural Soul Kitchen, he wished he could discover a Portland-style market not just to visit but likewise to work out of. On Saturday, he made his desire come true. Hutchins, who teamed up with Janelle King of The Workroom, released the brand-new District Marketplace metropolitan park with a big occasion that drew in 17 food trucks, 50 local artists, 7 Wichita bands and numerous consumers. The occasion functioned as a third anniversary celebration for The Workroom. “Everyone’s been super-excited,” Hutchins said on Saturday. “I don’t even understand how to fathom how pleased I am with the turnout.” Even prior to the market officially opened on Saturday morning, individuals started streaming in and fighting for parking locations. District Market is established in a huge parking area simply south of The Workroom, 150 N. Cleveland, a design shop and the primary supplier of Wichita-themed product. King opened it in April 2013. She had actually been placing on second-Saturday artisan markets for the past two years in her own car park, however when she and Hutchins started dreaming, they pictured something larger. He rented the car park south of hers and announced plans to turn it into a community park concentrated on food and art. He introduced it with Saturday’s enormous market, the kind he want to put on twice a year. Similar however smaller sized occasions will advance the 2nd Saturday of every month, he said, and in a couple of weeks, the park will end up being a routine area for food trucks and neighborhood activities. He plans to keep his food truck parked there permanently and will turn other members of the food truck fleet in and out. People will have the ability to find trucks there every day, and they’ll stay there late on Friday and Saturday nights, when the park also wil …
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Autonomous fleet of trucks complete 2000+km trip across Europe

We may end up sharing roads with similar self driven trucks With producers headed in the instructions of self driven vehicles, the world is looking at a future where personal travel no longer requires any human intervention. However, the recent advance reveals that trucks have also signed up with the fray. Around a lots or two trucks from various makers like Volvo and Daimler have completed a week of taking a trip across Europe, the first of many significant workouts to come. A 15 per cent cost savings in fuel expenses was likewise taped due to minimized wind resistance, according to research study company TNO. The exercise, called the European Truck Platooning Difficulty, was moneyed by the Dutch government with the function of producing a fleet of self driven trucks which are commercially sensible. Platooning is a development where trucks are connected to each other via Wi-Fi, preserving a brief distance in between successive trucks, comparable to travelling in packs. Out of all the trucks, the set by Scania, a Volkswagen subsidiary, took a trip the longest journey, at around 2,000 km. The benefits of this system over human-based trucking are substantial. People tend to make errors, particularly when they are tired. Choice making is also influenced by the motorists frame of mind. Computers, on the other hand, provide regularly. Nevertheless, the possibilities of a technical problem can not be ruled out and getting rid of the potential of such issues appearing, is the difficulty. While the whole setup seems technically sound, they still require various federal governments to accept authorizations. The basic plan is to set things into motion 5 years from now as soon as the roadmap has been approved. To stay at the cutting edge of automotive news in India, follow us on Twitter (@odmag) or on Facebook ( Or download our app from the iOS or Android app stores today … See all stories on this topic

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