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CV Outlook: Present innovations driving future developments in remote diagnostics, automated cars

Tomorrow’s trucks will be geared up for wireless remote updating of specification’s for certain operating conditions, such as crossing mountains, speakers stated at a trucking conference Aug. 27. Additional developments in that location, called “parameterization,” as well as remote diagnostics and autonomous trucks, will certainly come incrementally, building on existing innovations, said speakers at the Business Automobile Outlook conference in Dallas. Parameterization’s ability to reset horsepower, speed governing and other engine specs for special scenarios “is going to be the next big chance,” said Chris Hines, executive vice president of Zonar. “If I’m a fleet and I have actually got a light-weight load and it’s reviewing the Rocky Mountains, I must have the ability to set a truck for the place.” The fleet will certainly have to manage whether a motorist has the capability making such changes, or whether that would be limited to somebody at the office. Motorists would such as that versatility in specific circumstances, for example: “If you need more horsepower, you can get more horsepower for that load.” For remote updates of firmware for safety-related systems, which could have more crucial outcomes, “We have to be a lot more cautious,” said Stephen Hampson, president and general manager of Meritor Wabco Vehicle Control Systems. “I see that being a bit further out.” The repayment for some fleets relating to safety improvements is 8 or nine months, he stated. “That’s why they’re spec’ing more of the systems,” Hampson said. When it comes to fuel efficiency improvements, “You see a great deal of interest in platooning right now due to the fact that the repayment is quite evident,” he said. Platooning likewise raises the question of whether hours of service regulations should be altered to deal with a motorist’s on-duty time in a different way if he remains in a squad and getting a form of rest …
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Ottawa Co. Road Commission including GPS, efficiency monitoring innovation to fleet

OTTAWA Co., Mich. — — The Ottawa County Roadway Commission is now able to track each of its trucks location, speed, and monitor car diagnostics on a single computer system screen. Ryan Kemppainen, operations superintendent, stated about 117 salt and rake trucks will certainly be equipped with the innovation from Verizon. He can now track the teams in real-time remotely on a quarter of the fleet. A black box connected in the truck can likewise tell what operate the truck is carrying out (i.e. plowing, sanding, etc.). “Prior to GPS, one of the greatest problems we have in the winter is somebody will call in and state, ‘‘ Hey you haven’t raked my street in 2 months.’ Well, that could be. Possibly we missed it, however more times than not, it’s snowing hard enough that you cannot inform we have actually been there,” Kemppainen stated. He continued, “So now we’ll have the ability to tell the public that, ‘‘ No our motorist existed 2 days earlier. It’s simply that we have actually gotten that much snow in the last 2 days, you cannot tell he was there.'” Kemppainen stated the roadway commission checked a couple of systems over the past number of years prior to making a decision. “Undoubtedly being in the general public sector, we wish to be cost-efficient too. So we found a system that will do all the important things we wished to do as well as be on the lower end as far as expenses go,” Kemppainen described. FOX 17 will have more in the 4, 5, and 6 o’ clock newscasts. You are commenting utilizing your account. ( Log Out / Modification ) You are commenting using your Twitter account. ( Log Out / Change ) You are commenting utilizing your Facebook account. ( Log Out / Modification ) You are commenting using your Google+ account. ( Log Out / Change ) Good idea,, will this GPS have the ability to see if the rake motorist purposely vested in my driveway attempting to take ou …
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