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Crash mitigation: A jet fuel hauler’s technique to security When you’re driving a Peak Express fuel truck down the road —– that’s 130,000 lbs. of tanker truck carrying 13,400 gal. of jet fuel —– and there’s some obstacle or mishap suddenly in front of you, you’ve got two possibilities: base on those brakes and stop the truck, or struck whatever it is if you can’t. “My drivers, since we transport fuel tankers, are trained not to ‘prevent’ the mishap,” says Jim Fox, the fleet’s vice president and basic manager. “They can not turn the wheel to avoid, due to the fact that they will roll over and it will cause a much larger problem. “There’s a lot of engine and frame rail at the front of the truck to absorb it,” he continues. “I pray to God we’re not at fault, obviously, however I need my individuals home in one piece at the end of every day.” Any breakdowns are another huge issue for this aviation fuel hauler, specifically due to the fact that of all-too-prevalent distracted driving. If one of the fleet’s trucks has an issue and loses power, Peak drivers are trained to obtain the truck from the highway if they can, even if it damages the vehicle. “Everyone and their mother is driving down the road doing this now,” says Fox, gesturing with his thumb as if texting or using a smartphone. “I just can’t have my people there on the side of the roadway. “If you cannot get off the roadway, you can’t get off the roadway. But my motorists are in fact trained —– this is right from my training protocol —– I would rather have them ruin a tire, a rim, a fender, fuel tank, fuel tank step than rest on the side of the roadway awaiting repair,” Fox describes. “That’s how critically we see resting on the side of the road with a tanker full of aviation gasoline or jet fuel. “With what we haul, when we get struck, we have the tendency to leave a smoking cigarettes crater in the middle of the intersection,” he adds. In the early 2000s, Peak was fuelin …
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Mobile Dealer Data (MDD), the industry leader in Bluetooth-enabled possession tracking, and Marlin Devices Finance have actually joined forces to provide dealers a brand-new versatile financing alternative for its detailed enterprise resource management system. Minneapolis, Minn. (PRWEB) June 28, 2016 MDD now offers dealerships no down, versatile funding through Marlin Equipment Finance for “We Find Keys & Cars,” an automated, real time, tracking system that finds vehicles and type in a 2nd. “Tracking keys and cars is a major problem for automobile dealerships,” mentions Colin McElhatton, founder and CEO of MDD. “GPS and RFID innovations have been used in the past with limited success and at a really high expense. ‘We Find Keys & Cars’ distinct Bluetooth tracking system is the first inexpensive innovation solution that can attend to all dealer events.” With Marlin’s flexible funding plan dealers can extend their financial investment for up to 60 months, making “We Find Keys & Cars” a business expense that fits seamlessly into the regular monthly functional budget plan. Marlin’s financing choice also enables a dealership to divide the regular monthly payment by department such as brand-new, used and service vehicles, appropriately assigning the month-to-month expenditure. The capital spending can normally be depreciated, therefore reducing the financial effect of the financial investment. “We Discover Keys & Cars” improves the consumer experience by removing client wait times. Immediate car and key location makes the service and reconditioning procedure more effective, automates regular monthly audits and much more. By adopting cutting-edge innovation, dealerships increase their earnings, enhance their margins, lower expenses and considerably boost performance. MDD is currently expanding its flagship “We Discover Keys & Cars” technology beyond the automobile market to encompass any movable possessions with keys including Recreational Vehicle’s, ATVs, snowmobiles, truck fleets and boats. This also includes entities that serve these markets s.
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