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County ambulance crew includes smaller-scale ‘sprinter’ car to fleet

The county’s ambulance service is adding to its fleet to deal with the rising number of calls. Franklin County commissioners authorized a quote from Expert Ambulance, Comanche, Texas, to purchase a new sprinter-style ambulance to join the Franklin County Emergency situation Medical Solutions fleet. The total cost for the fully-outfitted ambulance is $119,514, according to county files. Franklin County EMS presently has 4 trucks, three which are staffed 24/7, Nick Robbins, county ambulance director, said. The overall number of dispatch calls for EMS increased 289 calls from 2,916 in 2014 to 3,205 in 2015, according to Robbin’s ambulance report to commissioners. “Call volume has enhanced to a level now where we can not just choose three trucks and wish for the very best like we have in the past,” Robbins said. Ambulances are replaced by remounting the boxes on the trucks, a procedure which takes about 3 months as soon as they are sent, Robbins said. “The call volume has gotten to where we have to have a 4th ambulance at all times,” he stated. And the most cost-efficient option was to choose a sprinter-style ambulance, which is smaller and more fuel-efficient than typical sized ambulances, Robbins said. The brand-new sprinter-style ambulance is not best fit for 911 emergency calls, and will be made use of primarily as a transportation car for clients and a back-up for 911 calls. “Another thing that we took a look at is our transfer volume,” Robbins said. “We can use a smaller truck for highway mileage and keep some mileage off some of the larger trucks to increase the portion of time (in between re-mounts). Exactly what we chose to choose was look at a smaller-type ambulance, which exactly what is out there right now is the sprinter ambulance. “There wasn’t the have to include a brand-new 911 truck. [We needed] to add something that is going to have the ability to offer us the fuel efficiency and the stuff to do more of our transfers from the county, and give us a backup truck to fit our nee …
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