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Might the Next Generation Shipment Automobile be the next USPS mail truck?By Bill McAllister,

Washington Correspondent For a company with longstanding financial troubles, the United States Postal Service has actually managed to bring in a lot of attention with a proposed delivery truck it calls the NGDV. That’s the most recent postal acronym for Next Generation Delivery Vehicle– a larger, however not sleeker, delivery van that the cash-strapped Postal Service wants to purchase for household deliveries. With the prospect of a$4.5 billion to$ 6 billion cost, the USPS has Detroit’s truck industry salivating– despite the agency’s low credit score. The 15 truck makers who have actually qualified for the first round of competition should have visions of Congress finally coming to the aid of the Postal Service, which long has actually grumbled that its current fleet of 200,000 delivery cars has actually run out of gas. The majority of these– 163,000 paradoxically referred to as “long-life vehicles “when they were bought in between 1987 and 2001– are the boxy right-hand trucks that would win no reward for their looks. Costly to keep on the road, postal executives have desired for years to start replacing them with newer trucks that would cost less to run and be simpler to maintain. The problem: the USPS, saddled by Congress with prepaying healthcare costs for its retired people, has not had the funds making significant truck purchases for several years. This past summer season, it did scrape together$257 million to put an order for 3,000 walk-in “intermediate “delivery van, however these are off-the-shelf, conventional delivery trucks, a postal spokeswoman kept in mind. The NGDVs are to be a huge order for personalized postal delivery van had to change the somewhat squat delivery trucks in the fleet, and to assist the USPS move the enhancing variety of parcels in the mail. The USPS hopes to put the very first of the NGDVs in service in 2018. Other than estimating the trucks could cost$ 35,000 each, the Postal Service has actually stated little about how it would fund the purchases, which are lik … See all stories on this topic Expert New Truck FLEET SALES SPECIALIST Brisbane Isuzu Sales Representatives/Consultants, Expert new truck fleet sales consulatant with the market leader Isuzu-Brisbane Isuzu. Number 1 light … See all stories on this topic

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