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Co-op rolls out telematics to handle its truck fleet

The Co-operative has carried out a new telematics system for handling its transportation fleet to support its strategies to open 120 brand-new shops in 2016. 02-Feb-20162016-02-02T00:00:00 Z Last updated on 02-Feb-2016 at 09:27 GMT2016-02-02T09:27:03 Z The Fleet Efficiency system from Microlise types part of the Co-op’s passion to enhance innovation combination and drive a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and fuel usage. It covers 1,344 heavy goods cars (HGVs) and extends the long-term 9 year collaboration between the 2 business. Making use of this innovation encourages drivers to embrace a fuel effective driving design. It consists of a trip management module includes a Set up Execution Board, which provides the understanding and presence to debrief motorists by exception against path and schedule adherence. The Co-op is likewise rolling out Microlise’s electronic evidence of shipment module to handle delivery and collection processes digitally. Trials of the Fleet Performance item were performed at chosen depots to establish if improvements in driving style could provide tangible company advantages. After realising enhanced security and significant cost savings in fuel consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and a decrease of accidents, the choice was made to undertake a full-scale roll-out throughout its whole fleet. The system also includes temperature level monitoring of trailers and uses technology for two-way messaging, vehicle checks, integrated satellite navigation proper for HGVs and manifest management. “We needed an innovation refresh and had a clear objective to understand further decreases on our ecological footprint by reducing fuel consumption yet even more,” stated Jon Paul Brown, the Co-op Group’s national transport manager. “We likewise wished to guarantee greater integration throughout our fleet.” Throughout the trial the Co-op likewise understood improvements in automobile utilisation and got take advantage of having complete presence of its fleet versus schedule and r.
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Outtakes from our interview with Navistar’s Expense Kozek

Regular readers of Fleet Devices know that we can’t squeeze all the terrific details we cull for our function stories onto the printed page. Often times, we have to leave editorial gems on the cutting space floor in order to provide a fantastic print story. But anything browses the web. So here are some outtakes from our interview with Costs Kozek, Navistar president of Truck and Components. Fleet Devices: International is a leader in data-driven uptime solutions with its distinct open architecture system– Do you find that your clients understand the power of analytics or is there still work to be done assisting fleet managers impalement a solution? Kozek: Fleets that take advantage of the information that OnCommand Connection (OCC) supplies– such as plain-English diagnostic difficulty codes, health files, intensity levels, and fault code action plans, to name a few– have actually an included benefit when it pertains to enhancing their performance and uptime. By utilizing the data and insights OnCommand Connection supplies, fleets can proactively handle their upkeep operations to keep their cars in great health, rather than responding to unanticipated problems. That’s a huge advantage. To take the fullest advantage of data and analytics, fleets have to understand how they can make use of OCC information to drive performance. They have to guarantee they have proper treatments in place when fault codes do appear. Normally, the best success comes when fleet supervisors, dispatchers, and motorists are in consistent interactions, whether they’re making use of OCC information to record insights on uptime trends, or to upgrade their preventive maintenance schedules. Fleet Devices: Can you share an example of how a fleet has grown its usage of OnCommand? Absolutely. Here’s a best example of how fleets are utilizing OnCommand Connection. In the past, when a “check engine” light brightened on a vehicle control panel, many fleets would tell the motorist to pull over to the side of the road and call for service. Well, truth be tol …
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