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Clean freight

By signing up on Fleet Owner now, you’ll not only access to Clean freight, you’ll get exclusive access to a large archive of premium material. More than 40 years back, the first emissions standards were enacted for heavy-duty diesel engines. The market has come a long way considering that, answering the calls of regulatory authorities to reduce emissions by over 98 %. With a new, lower federal standard for ozone on the horizon, continued focus on vehicle emissions’ & rsquo; effect on community health, and a range of regulations on carbon emissions, the phase is set to look for even lower emissions from items activity. How low? In some …
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MHCV sales might insinuate FY17 as slow-moving economy weighs

As supply of freight from the production and infrastructure sectors continues to remain controlled and activity in the mining sector shows no indications of a pick-up, truck fleet owners and producers fear volumes for heavy and medium trucks could come under significant pressure in the next financial. The medium and heavy truck (MHCV) segment showed indicators of recovery in the third quarter of the last fiscal year as fleet owners began changing old trucks in anticipation of enhanced supply of cargo. Though replacement need pulled the MHCV sector from the downturn of the last two fiscal years, fleet owners have not increased fleet size due to bad freight. Areef Patel, vice-chairman, Patel Integrated Logistics, said the company did not expand its existing fleet as manufacturing has been under substantial pressure and there is no clear timeline for the execution of the GST routine. He also cited the negative impact of 2 % TDS imposed by the government as a reason. “I do not believe sales of heavy trucks are going to increase; manufacturers are pressing stocks to dealers. If the production sector grows at 2-3 %, it will certainly have an adverse impact. In the last one year, the earnings have been growing in between 1 % and 4 % in the surface transportation business as there has been pressure on the manufacturing market,” stated Patel. Patel logistics, one of the greatest transportation companies in India with 1,200– 1,400 trucks, did not broaden its fleet as development has been stagnant. Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland are the two market leaders that will certainly be negatively affected if MHCV sales suffer due to inavailability of freight in the long term. The MHCV section in the April-June quarter increased 23 % to 62,076 systems versus 50,375 systems during the year-ago period. Tata Motors — — the leading business car manufacturer in India with a market share of 51 % in the heavy truck sector — — reported a positive Ebitda for the first time in 5 quarters in Q4FY15 at R.
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