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City may perform special audit of aging trash truck fleet

The city administration will ask Columbus Council Tuesday to have Internal Auditor John Redmond perform an audit of the city’s aging fleet of garbage trucks. “They wanted an independent viewpoint on exactly what condition the trucks remain in, how many miles are on them, just how much they’re investing in repair works, how much we’re spending for fuel, that sort of thing,” Redmond stated. “I’m most likely going to have a mechanic who does heavy equipment dealing with me on it.” Last month, Public Works Director Pat Biegler brought a few of her drivers and mechanics to address council, telling the councilors that a few of the trucks are so old that they’re ending up being harmful to drive and next to difficult to fix. Virtually 80 percent of the fleet is well over the suggested age for such trucks, 7 years, and numerous are more than twice that old, Biegler stated. “We have 52 trucks that have actually reached pretty much critical mass, from the 66 we require,” Biegler said. “We are approaching a point where we are going to have insufficient trucks to pick up lawn waste, recycling and possibly even trash, within the next couple of years, if we do not make a move forward in some method.” Redmond said the audit should take several weeks and could be longer, but there is a great deal of work involved. “I desire specific details about each truck,” Redmond said. “The design, when it was acquired, the number of miles are on it. I want to look at exactly what the initial cost was, maintenance expenses along with major repairs like rebuilding an engine or transmission.” Redmond stated brand-new trucks will get much better gas mileage and will take much less for maintenance. “There may be a lot of savings if you replace trucks that you’re spending $20,000 or $30,000 a year on repair services and a lot more cash on fuel, it may be less expensive to replace them than to keep patching them up,” Redmond said. Tony Perry, lead mechanic, or specialist as they are known now, works on trucks and supervises other service technicians … See all stories on this topic ONTARIO: Hino Trucks reinforces West Coastline presence with training center Hino Trucks, a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corp., has actually opened a brand-new distribution and training center in Ontario.”This is our second largest market in the United States. We had to have

more regional support, “said Glenn Ellis, vice president of marketing and dealership operations,

at a grand opening celebration last week. The company picked Ontario due to the fact that of the area’s warehousing and distribution capabilities, he stated. The facility, that includes a 66,000-square-foot warehouse, is in a commercial park a mile east of Ontario Mills shopping center. The brand-new center has such features as reflective paint that turns walls into projector screens, huge ceiling fans for reliable ventilation, and a different entryway for staff members. Hino makes, offers and services Class 4-7 traditional and cab-over industrial trucks as well as hybrids. It has a part factory south of I-10, which housed a smaller sized training center. Hino trucks use clever technology to assist shippers meet supply chain demands, Ellis stated.”With our 2017 design year, which we started producing last month, we have actually incorporated a totally linked vehicle. We have a telematic gadget that’s standard on every truck now. It supplies telematics so the motorists and fleet supervisors understand where the truck is at all times. They can do path optimization. They can inspect driver behaviors. They can take a look at their performance of their fleet vs. other fleets making sure they’re competitive.” In addition to that, we can likewise track any of the diagnostic codes coming out of the engine, so if there is a problem with the truck, we know about it right away.” Ontario is the site of Hino’s 2nd training center, and the Ontario warehouse is its 2nd in the United States. The other remains in Memphis, Tenn. Keep it civil and stay on topic. No obscenity, indecency, racial slurs or personal attacks. People who bother others or joke about catastrophes will be blocked. By publishing your comment, you accept enable Freedom Communi … See all stories on this topic

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