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Inspect Rental Vehicle Protection Before the Hard Sell

Had to connect your Home Shipment subscription to Connect your subscription »& raquo; … See all stories on this subject 200-year-old vehicle engine?Josh”Mac”MacDowell San Antonio Texas was a great concept. He took a Stirling engine, a kind of engine established 200 years ago, and I included a 21st century technology to do so. The result is a hybrid electric car so effectivethat you never ever need to stop to charge

, reports Houston KHOU11. At the center of MacDowell innovation is the Stirling engine, which was founded in 1816. The closed cycle air engine uses the growth of hot air and cold air compression to generate the power needed to drive the motor. Unlike steam engines, which use the same principal, the Stirling engine is an internal regenerative heat exchanger, which keeps the hot and cold air at the best temperature level. This recycling function enhances engine effectiveness soared by 50 per cent. For comparison, the conventional internal combustion engine operates at only 14 percent capacity. Click on this link for the video MacDowell creation Although mechanically sound, Stirling engine never truly caught on in the 1800s, where most companies are opting to use their steam engines for commercial applications. NASA even tried at the start of the engine of the 1980s, and was able to achieve 54 miles per gallon, however the area agency never ever been to anything beyond technology. MacDowell borrowed from among these Stirling engines, NASA and began to try out it to see if he could utilize a regenerative motor cars of the 21st century abilities. Related Nissan announces fuel-cell engine design with ethanol hydrogen as a source of MacDowell, combined with the motor current hybrid technology, to develop a system that delivers 58 miles per gallon Ford F-150 and less than 100 miles per gallon on a smaller sized SUV. His design Stirling engine runs at a fixed RPM generating electricity, which is used to charge the batteries that drive the engines that move the car. There are thermopile innovation, Stirling-powered vehicle can be driven at highway speeds without charge. MacDowell also revamped the Stirling engine has the … See all stories on this subject

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