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Inspect engine light Concern type: Automobile Modification I have a 03 grand Marquis that requires a theromstat real estate but it’s okay but on today my check engine light came on and my automobile is kinda like shaking when I drive exactly what might be the problem Scan for the codes instead of guessing. your local auto parts store can do it totally free. Post the 4 digit codes back here for more aid. In my 2003 Crown Victoria (Police Interceptor) the stereo wire grouping has 2 Black/Light Green wiresthat according to the electrical wiring diagram discovered online are expected to be ground wires however there i. I think the guy who sold me my car disabled the check engine light. How would I confirm this aside from checking the fuse box? y 1999 crown victoria began to get too hot while i was sitting in a car park with the engine running. I discover the a problem with the engine as it started to shut down and the check engine light ca … I have been smelling fuel for about a year now and could not discover anything. About a month ago the check engine light began with code P0422 little evap leakage. Any concepts trigger I’m at a loss now anyone …
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Engine In And Automobile In The Garage My Spouse and I installed the rebuilt 289/200 -4 R today. The installation was completely uneventful …:D The lower studs on the rubber engine mounts …
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