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Examine engine light is on

In order to confirm that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the response into the following box listed below based on the guidelines contained in the graphic … See all stories on this subject Engine swap I am looking to purchase a 1987 coupe Seville in mint condition with 46k miles from a 92 year old lady. The car is beatiful however as I have actually been reading the HT4100 engines were trash. Has any body put a 454 big block or bigger maybe 496 in among these cars? Will it fit? And would there be any problems with the computer system systems the vehicle has and the brand-new engine?Planning to buy the vehicle Wednesday and keep as a timeless up until it is worth more being in such immaculate condition in the next 20+ years Informed there are consistent issues with these engines due to the aluminum involved. Comments? Likewise, told that cost of just replacing head gasket is too great thinking about the possibility of it happenin … My cadillac will not start. When i turn the crucial the engine wont turn over and when i do turn the key all the method the dashboard lights all switch off. Likewise on the gear shifter there is not a line un … simply questioning if ill face any issues switching the old level ride shocks for some regular gas shocks? I have had the automobile for 7 years and for the first 4 it was fine. It started losing power and would die at idle and then often be challenging to start. Mileage went down to 14 from about 22. I have … See all stories on this subject

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