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Cars, engine swaps, smog, registration, and maybe Nevada …

Not positive, however … I think I remember checking out different exemptions for people who are moving to CA and wish to bring their vehicles with them.See all stories on this subject Penkava: One bad turn does not deserve another But, as I said, I wish to focus this column on a personal vexation that has troubled me nearly day-to-day & #x 2026; ever since I began to drive a vehicle. It has to do with a legendary item believed to be found in the majority of automobiles: the turn signal.I call it & #x 201c; legendary & #x 201d; due to the fact that obviously in the

minds of lots of motorists it is beyond their comprehension that such a phenomenon even exists. They can & #x 2019; t drive without a cup holder or a butt warmer seat, but a gadget that might maybe save their lives or the lives of others becomes an internally combusted afterthought. On the other hand, one questions exactly what is going through the mind of a motorist who doesn & #x 2019; t utilize his turn signals. Check out these believed patterns and my analysis of them & #x 2026; & #x 201c; I need a hamburger and fries & #x 2026; quickly! & #x 201d; To this specific there is a direct connection in between their stomach and the steering wheel of their car, expeditiously eliminating any secondary ideas other than condiment options. Needing to choose in between a turn signal or 43 grams of fat, the left-hand turn always loses. & #x 201c; Forget that turn signal & #x 2026; it & #x 2019; s a genuine pain. & #x 201d; At least this individual acknowledges that there is a turn signal and it should be utilized. However, a boosted appreciation for Newton & #x 2019; s thermodynamic law of conservation of energy rapidly overrides any thought of lifting a finger and signaling. This exact same individual probably believes bathing is a real pain, too. & #x 201c; Mamma mia, here I go once more. & #x 2026; My, my, how can I resist you? & #x 201d; So caught up in singing along to ABBA & #x 2019; s biggest hits on their vehicle & #x 2019; s Sirius XM satellite radio, indicating their turn is the last thing from their mind, particularly after driving through a red light while crooning & #x 201c; Dancing Queen. & #x 201d; & #x 201c; & #x 2026; & #x 2026; & #x 2026; & #x 2026; & #x 2026;. & #x 201d; Certainly this driver has no visible thought patterns. That & #x 2019; s just who you want driving on the roadway with you: A … See all stories on this topic

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