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car engine with gearbox strapped to a pallet.

– There are currently no bids for this delivery – Make sure to verify your DOT number to see if the details on file matches these requirements … See all stories on this topic How Lamborghini crafted the Centenario, a 770-horse salute to its creator The Centenario, a limited-edition vehicle provided throughout the Geneva Automobile Show, makes both the Aventador and the Huracán appearance tame by packing the most powerful engine Lamborghini has actually ever produced in a head-turning bundle. Digital Trends took a seat with Maurizio Reggiani, the company’s head of research study and development, on the sidelines of the Geneva

Auto Show to discover exactly what went into the Centenario’s development, why it’s far more severe than even the limited-edition Aventador Superveloce, and what this suggests for the business’s future. Digital Trends: What was the procedure of turning the Aventador into the Centenario like? Exactly what was the most difficult element of the improvement? Maurizio Reggiani: The most hard part was understanding a design that can be fitted to the Aventador, and that still represents exactly what we wish to do. That means altering the shape of the automobile and making it much more functional, and making it completely from carbon fiber. We emphasized development, specifically technical development. If you think of the Centenario as a cake, we divided it into five parts: Design is one, power is another. We enhanced the V12’s output from 750 horse power, which is the optimum generated by the sold-out Aventador Superveloce, approximately 770. We raised the redline and enhanced the volumetric effectiveness to produce the most effective engine ever fitted to a Lamborghini. We likewise decreased weight in order to enhance the power-to-weight ratio. Every body panel is made out of carbon fiber, and the Centenario consequently pointers the scale at 3,351 pounds. Another fundamental part of the cake is the chassis. We established a new rear-wheel steering system that makes the vehicle more nimble, much more responsive, and more steady at high speeds– we’re talking extremely high speeds, as much as about 220 miles per hour. The rear-wheel steering system minimizes the wheelbase by nearly ten inches at low speeds, makings the Centenario nimbler, and it increases the wheelbase by almost 20 inches at … See all stories on this topic

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