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Automobile Engine Quiz!Glock Talk is the # 1 site to go over the world’s most popular handgun, chat about guns, devices and more. As our subscription remains to grow we anticipate reading your stories and learning from your experiences. Membership is complimentary and we welcome all kinds of shooters, whether you’re an amateur or a pro. Come for the details, remain and make some good friends … See all stories on this subject How A Car Engine Works
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how a car engine works, if you do not already understand keep reading. In the video you can see a cylinder with a piston inside it. Cars will usually either have 4 6 or 8 of those cylinders lined up and operating in conjunction with each other. In the video you can see a piston, going up and down inside a cylinder. You can likewise see four valves opening and closing at the top. 2 open at the exact same time, then the other two open at the same time. It is called a 4 stroke engine, and I’ll explain how this works. Intake Stroke. This is the first stroke, consider a stroke as the piston moving from either the bottom to the leading or vice versa. The first stroke( consumption stroke )the piston begins at the top of the cylinder with 2 valves open, the piston moves to the bottom of the cylinder at the very same time drawing fuel and air in through the two open valves at the top. Once the piston reaches the bottom of the cylinder the 2 valves close. In the video this is shown as blue gas entering the cylinder. Compression Stroke The next part is the compression stroke, all valves remain closed and the piston moves back as much as the top of the cylinder, this COMPRESSESS all the fuel and air inside the cylinder, the valves continue to be closed so nothing can escape. Combustion Stroke Once the piston has actually relocated to the top of the cylinder a spark plug ignites the compressed fuel and air inside the cylinder, this develops a Great Deal Of pressure and requires the piston down once again. The valves are all closed still. Tire Stroke This is the final part, the OTHER 2 valves open, and the piston goes up pressing the charred gases beyond the cylinder through the opening the two valves have made, this goes through your exhaust pipeline and out the back of the automobile. Putting it all together So imagine 4 of these cylinders lined up together, while one is on the combustion stroke, another is on the compression stroke. The cylinder on the combustion s. See all stories on this subject

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