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Bizzare Mississippi River trip part of river’s tradition

Clarence Jonk, 3 buddies and a pet dog named Jack abandoned from Minneapolis in a 44-foot homemade houseboat resting on 88 empty 50-gallon drums and powered by two used-car engines. However with no rudder. They left for New Orleans in October, late in the period. They took a trip on the low-cost, often searching with a distorted weapon, trading an utilized battery for 8 gallons of gas, when down to their last $1.23. They dodged towboats and wing dams, smashed into rocks and got stuck in the mud. They endured wind, waves, snow, cold-water dunkings, health problem and injury before 2 of them ended the voyage north of La Crosse, Wis., in December. That was more than 80 years earlier, in 1933. However the trip offers cautions for hundreds —– some say thousands —– of travelers today who each year travel down the Mississippi through small craft, canoe, kayak, sailboat, raft, even swimming. A team of 20 from Augsburg College strategy to canoe to New Orleans for a “& ldquo; River Term & rdquo; this fall term. A 64-year-old Moorhead man left the Twin Cities last month on a 15-foot sailboat he built himself. A Navy battle veteran, accompanied by a kayaker, left Lake Itasca in June to swim the entire river to raise cash and awareness for fallen comrades. Reality can be fairly different from romanticism on the river. Often “& ldquo; people wear & rsquo; t have a sense of the river and its power, & rdquo; says Patrick Moes, a representative for the St. Paul District of the Army Corps of Engineers. Travelers have to learn about river currents, policies, to put on life jackets and be mindful of bigger boats, he said. “& ldquo; If you can & rsquo; t see the captain, undoubtedly he can’& rsquo; t see you. & rdquo; Jonk & rsquo; s river journey was a big chapter in the unusual life of this poet, children’& rsquo; s author, game developer, daddy of 12, river employee and small farmer. His diary-type account, published 30 years later, promoted him as “& ldquo; an older but not actually grown-up Huck Finn.” & rdquo; A farm child from Raymond, Minn., Jo …
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California Property Forecast for 2016: Gradual Price Gains Ahead?Earlier this summer, the California Association of Realtors( CAR)provided a forecast and outlook for the California property market in 2016. The Real estate agent group anticipates house rates to continue rising through the end of this year and into next. With that being said, home values could rise at a more moderate pace next year, compared to the gains we’ve seen over the last number of years. CAR’s predictions for the California housing market mirror the broader forecasts being issued by financial experts and analysts across the nation. The general consensus amongst housing professionals is that house prices in the U.S. will continue increasing in 2016, however at a slower pace than 2015. We have actually covered this before. Getting back to the California realty forecast, CAR expects residence values in the Golden State to continue rising next year. House costs will likely “grow steadily this year and next [2016], “the Realtor group stated recently. But next year’s gains could be smaller sized than what we’ve seen over the last few years. To show this cooling pattern, let’s take a look at the median market price for California homes over the last few years. This does not suggest the California housing market is becoming “slow-moving. “Far from it. Housing demand is still high in many city areas throughout the state. It simply recommends a go back to normalcy. The double-digit rate boosts of 2013 and 2014 were anomalies resulting from the real estate collapse of a few years previously. Home rates had a long way to climb up in those days, so they increased rapidly(particularly as the economy recuperated ). Yearly gains of 4 % to 5 % are more typical and sustainable. These are statewide forecasts for the California property market in 2016. Some cities and city areas could see much bigger gains next year, as compared to the statewide forecast above. If I were a wagering man, I ‘d state home rates in San Francisco will certainly increase more than 4.4 % in 2016. On the other hand, some realty m. See all stories on this topic

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