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Beyond Security The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration just recently proposed an added security scoring category to acknowledge fleets whose security programs go beyond the regulatory requirements. While I am not a proponent of all the specifics of the program, I like the concept of fleets going beyond mandated safety requirements making sure the trucks they run are as safe as possible. And who isn’& rsquo; t in favor of safe trucks! The most obvious method to ensure that your fleet is operating as safely as possible involves a mix of routine examinations and driver engagement. By regularly examining the trucks in your fleet, you can find security —– and other —– problems as they are starting to develop. And you can repair them prior to the truck stabs in the back the road. Routine inspection starts with One Hundred Percent compliance by your drivers in their pre- and post-trip inspections. The easier you make these assessments, the most likely they are to be completed. Innovation can help you here by allowing motorists to complete electronic assessment kinds that you can design to include all the different areas you want your drivers to inspect. Having the data in an electronic type allows you to track compliance more easily and keep inspection information as part of the vehicle’& rsquo; s service history. The next action to ensuring your trucks are safe (and after that some) is making sure preventive maintenance happens on a regularly scheduled basis. Here once again innovation can help you. You can set up a system to send out alerts of pending PMs and consist of reports that track PM compliance. It can be challenging to keep track of which trucks have actually remained in for their required PM service, specifically if you operate from multiple terminals and deal with maintenance in-house and through outside service providers. Having a report that informs you at-a-glance which trucks are due for PM, and which have PM service exceptional, will assist with scheduling the needed service. It will also avoid trucks you …
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, built on chicken and rice Put a food truck on the roadway, invite the crowds, and you can probably deal with the little business. Add a second truck to the fleet and it’& rsquo; s more challenging. Then include 2 more trucks, a stand at the Pru, and two brick-and-mortar areas, and it can upset the most important aspect of any food business as it broadens: consistency. The Chicken & Rice Guys have actually gone brick-and-mortar in downtown Boston and Medford, and they primarily get it right. Granted, the menu consists of only three dishes and a single dessert. However you need to make it taste good, serve it hot, and work with useful and well-mannered staff. Advertisement The Guys —– Ian So, Jenny Giang, and Kevin Lau, all in their 20s —– started the truck business in 2012 after So found halal trucks in New york city and chose to copy them (though New york city trucks are popular middle-of-the-night treats; Chicken & Rice Guys trucks are mainly off the road by mid-afternoon). Every plate ($5 and $7) begins with turmeric-seasoned rice, then it constructs from there —– shredded lettuce plus a cupful of halal chicken or lamb mixture (which consists of some beef), a combination of the two, or little cubes of baked tofu. It has thick pita, more like the Greek variety than thin Middle Eastern rounds. You can also order veggies ($2), a mixture of raw chopped tomatoes and cucumbers, and additional meat ($3), rice ($1), or pita ($1). Due to the fact that tax is included in these costs, you can grab, state, a routine lamb for $7 total, which has bread tucked inside, and get a charitable meal for a reasonable price. The place on Bedford Street (walking range from Downtown Crossing, South Station, and Chinatown) is takeout with a long, quick-moving line. Savory scents greet you on the sidewalk and make you stand out the wait. When you get to the register, a stack of containers already holds rice and the rest of the assembly takes seconds. Unless you hit it ideal and snag the only high-top window table, you have to take it bac …
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