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Bahamas Waste launches Bahamian Pride Truck

NASSAU, Bahamas– National pride is extremely important to a country as young as The Bahamas. The Bahamas Waste family also has strong Bahamian pride and launched a newly-painted garbage truck right in time for Independence. Hon. Kenred Dorsett, M.P., Minister of the Environment and Housing joined Bahamas Waste at the unveiling ceremony for the truck and complimented the business for their incredible display of nationwide pride. “I hope that more companies will certainly follow the management from Bahamas Waste, they have actually demonstrated an effort to instill higher national pride with the method they decorate all their trucks and this new flag repainted truck is very good. Their trucks are seen throughout the island every single day so I think their efforts to increase Bahamian pride is fantastic.” Bahamas Waste Launches Bahamian Pride Truck – Hon. Kenred Dorsett, M.P., Minister of the Environment and Real estate joined Bahamas Waste at the introduction event for the truck and applauded the company for their incredible showcase of nationwide pride. Imagined are Hon. Kenred Dorsett, M.P., Minister of the Environment and Real estate in addition to management and personnel of Bahamas Waste. (Picture thanks to BVS for Barefoot Marketing) After the successful launch of the ‘Big Pink Truck’ in time for October Cancer awareness, the Bahamas Waste group believed their next truck ought to speak directly to nationwide pride. The new truck will certainly be taking control of one of the Nassau city paths and is repainted totally white, with a flowing Bahamian flag on both sides and flags on the front of the motorists cab too. Bahamas Waste personnel show off their National Pride Truck. (Photo thanks to BVS for Barefoot Marketing) Our personnel have constantly discussed having actually a Bahamian themed truck and there was no better time for us than now,” said Francisco de Cardenas, Handling Director of Bahamas Waste. “Our personnel have actually expressed so much pride in this brand-new truck that joined our fleet and we have no doubt that the Bahamian p.
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FTR’s Trucking Conditions Index strikes three-year low in May

by Fleet Equipment Personnel FTR’s Trucking Conditions Index (TCI) measure for Might dropped another 25 % to a three-year low of 4.91 due to softer capacity, rates, and fuel rates. Tight ability from earlier in the year has actually reduced following the partial suspension of the current Hours of Service modifications. FTR forecasts the Trucking Conditions Index will certainly quickly go up into significantly more favorable area as the anticipated regulative drag in 2016 and 2017 dramatically tightens up capability. For the general trucking environment, enhancements in efficiency and reductions in fuel rates have kept expenses in check previously. Nevertheless, with the recovery now completely growing, fuel and other expenses, like labor, should increase according to FTR, putting more pressure on rates in early 2016. Information of the May TCI are found in the July issue of FTR’s Trucking Update, published June 30, 2015, and can be seen in the graph above. Trucking Update, released monthly, belongs to FTR’s Freight Focus series and reports information that straight affects the activity and earnings of truck fleets. “While the market has significantly softened, conditions for fleets are still fairly favorable and suggest how well they are able to handle the present headwinds. One substantial advantage is that fuel costs have dropped considerably and have yet to substantially rise,” Jonathan Starks, FTR’s director of transport analysis, said. “A sharp increase in diesel would be extremely troubling for numerous of the marginal providers. Another benefit has been the sluggish growing freight environment which has allowed fleets to re-engineer their lanes in order to take better advantage of drivers hours. While the ability situation has actually absolutely alleviated considering that last year, it is still well above historic levels and should keep written agreement rates, at minimum, stable with a prospective to grow more powerful by early 2016. In general, the market is stable, and we see that path continuing until we enter 2016, when economic crisis and regulatory risks start to increase considerably.” For a number of years, members of the S. 14 Study Group (light- and medium-duty rides) of the TMC have actually requested a single automatic transmission fluid (ATF) for use in their numerous … Find out more Beginning this month, scientists at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) will utilize a Volvo VHD 430 employment design equipped with highly specialized instrumentation to help examine the safety … Learn more Business Type: -Select One- Contract/Common Carrier Lease/Rental Bus Transport Other Private Fleets Food Production/Processing Construction/Mining/Logging Petroleum Production/Marketing Energy Manufacturing/Processing Retail/Wholesale Government Manufacturers Truck/Trailer Dealers Truck Equip. Distributors Fleet Service/ Repair service Specialists Others Show the size of your truck fleet: -Select One- 1-4 vehicles 5-9 10-24 25-49 50-99 100-299 300-499 500-799 800-999 1,000 or more Not offered See all stories on this subject

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