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Kyle Olson breaks Tony Olson’s IMCA Sport Mod streak

VINTON & #x 2014; For the sixth straight week, Team Olson Racing remained in Triumph Lane at Benton County Speedway in Vinton. But for the first time because the opening week of the period, it was Kyle Olson, not his cousin Tony, who took the checkers initially & #x 2014; this time for $750 in the Hogan Memorial. He led wire to wire in the A-main, holding back a hard-charging Danny Dvorak and Tony in third. & #x 201c; I & #x 2019; m certainly delighted, however it & #x 2019; s a huge relief, & #x 201d; Kyle Olson stated. & #x 201c; I & #x 2019; m sure (Tony) would rather me break it than anyone else. He & #x 2019; s just as happy. He understands we both work on our cars all week long. I & #x 2019; m sure he & #x 2019; s as thrilled as I am for the win tonight. & #x 201d; Kyle & #x 2019; s believed proven out when it concerned his coz, who completed third after winning 5 straight at what now works as his home track. Tony has dominated the Sport Mod division this season, as well as if he hates getting beat, he & #x 2019; s happy it was to someone who he believes genuinely deserves it for all the work he does and how far he makes devices go on the budget Kyle has. & #x 201c; He earned that race; he & #x 2019; s had a difficult, hard couple months, & #x 201d; Tony Olson stated. & #x 201c; He drove a remarkable race and certainly had the preferred line. & #x 201c; It & #x 2019; s unbelievable for him. There & #x 2019; s a great deal of work that enters into the cars weekly just like everybody else, but it & #x 2019; s pretty much just him the majority of the time. All of us try to help out when we can, but it & #x 2019; s a lot of effort on these vehicles. & #x 201d; Kyle & #x 2019; s month of May teemed with setbacks and huge financial investments to obtain his automobile running once more, and the win came after taking a month off to save money and have the ability to race the remainder of the period. The & #x 201c; relief & #x 201d; he discussed was the mix of satisfaction and feeling the pressure drift away after stressing about money and accessibility to race. It & #x 2019; s a story many racers can identify with. & #x 201c; We & #x 2019; ve been struggling w.
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