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Ask the Auto Doctor: Forester can manage light towing chores

Dear Medical professional: I own a 2015 Subaru Forester (2.5 L) and I wish to install a hitch to support my Stowaway freight provider. The weight of box is 53 pounds with a swing away frame (supporting the box), so the total weight of both is 99 pounds. The hauling ability of the Forester is 1,500 pounds. However because I am not technically hauling the freight box and I intend to utilize it when a year on my yearly journey to Florida and back, can I connect the freight box without damage to the drivetrain? Dear Mike: There is no factor for concern. Today’s small cars, such as yours, are better than the previous models. The engines, transmissions, brakes and suspension can manage this kind of weight. Dear Physician: My “VSC,” “Trac off” and “Inspect Engine” light are at the same time brightened on my 2004 Toyota Avalon. My mechanic hooked up his scan device to see what code(s) were causing this. Over a 100 different possibilities turned up. Since he was not sure whatever it might be, he just reset it. It has actually happened again. Service records kept by the previous owner show that this concern happened in April 2012 at 98,000 miles. There was a saved DTC P0301 code. According to the service record, a check was done and everything was operating normally so the dealership reset the dash lights. Whatever should I do next? Dear David: Computer fault codes suggest the computer got a signal that is out of its specifications. In your case, code P0301 suggests a # 1 cylinder misfire. Your Avalon has the V-6 engine and a common failure is an ignition coil. For it to be a gas cap or EVAP problem the codes would be P0440 to P0456. You must bring the car to a shop that can check out the fault code in freeze-frame memory so that they can see when the fault really took place. Ensure they utilize the right spark plug and Toyota factory or Denso ignition coil. Dear Medical professional: Why would someone buy a car with a timing belt, when a timing chain would be more useful? A timing belt needs to be changed after a set amount of miles– and …
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VW Australia paid $12.3 m to German father and mother

The Australian arm of Volkswagen paid a $12.3 million dividend, after profits jumped 72 percent, to its moms and dad business in March, at a time when the emissions-rigging scandal remained in full speed however yet to be revealed. The payout represented practically all of its VW Australia’s yearly benefit from a company that created earnings of $1.72 billion in calendar 2014. It was more than four-times the size of the dividend paid by the Australian arm to the German parent YEAR earlier, accounts submitted with the corporate regulator show. It comes as the body which oversees the interest of 7 million drivers, the Australian Car Association, called on the business to urgently clear up the uncertainty surrounding diesel designs sold in Australia and for harder regulations to be put in location to prevent a repeat of the situation. AAA chief executive Michael Bradley said the United States had specific emission regulation requirements that restrict using “defeat” devices which were tougher than a set of United Nations requirements that apply in Australia. “This might be an appropriate time for the government to review the regulations utilized in the Australian market are sufficient to make sure such an event might not happen right here,” he stated on Monday. The AAA is the umbrella body for state-based roadway motorists organisations such as the RACV in Victoria, the NRMA in NSW and the RAA in South Australia. Mr Bradley says the car business needs to act rapidly. “It would be really concerning if a major producer was discovered to be deceiving the Australian public in such a method,” he stated. VW and its sibling brands Audi and Skoda have a dealership network of more than 100 outlets around Australia, but they are still waiting on fresh info from business workplaces in Sydney and in Germany about the Australian impact of the emissions-rigging scandal first revealed on September 18 by United States authorities. VW in Germany says 11 million …
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