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Armored Plug-In Hybrid Truck Scheduled For 2016

North American Repower and Effective Drivetrains, Inc, are set to convert 6 Class-5 medium-duty armored cars (each weighing ~ 26,000 pounds, or 11,793 kilograms) into plug-in hybrid vehicles running on electrical energy and renewable gas. Technically, such vehicles are called “Absolutely no Emission with Variety Extension Autos” — — so I hear. The 6 trucks to be transformed to ZEREVs are presently run by Sectran Security. “Today, the Sectran Security trucks make frequent stops as part of their extremely busy urban paths. At each stop, the engines are kept idling for security functions, but now run the risk of violating California’s strict diesel idling policies, which restrict idling the engine for more than five minutes,” the partner companies compose. “With the up-to-date trucks, Sectran can entirely remove engine idling by operating in all-electric mode during stop-and-go operations on urban paths and in hybrid-mode during freeway operations. When complete, the vehicles possess remarkable efficiency stats– the presentation trucks will turn on Sectran to minimize annual diesel consumption by 31,000+ gallons, significantly minimize annual fuel costs, and minimize emissions by 99.9 percent.” “We’re delighted to be partnering with EDI on this development innovation,” said John Reed, CEO of North American Repower. “We believe incorporating our renewable natural gas system with EDI’s PHEV technology will enable fleet managers to quickly move from petroleum-based fuels to locally available, cleaner-burning natural gas and electricity. We’re specifically excited to be showing this innovation in a car that by its very nature needs exceptional dependability in a high security environment.” If you didn’t capture that, North American Repower is the company produces and installs the renewable gas engines. Reliable Drivetrains, meanwhile, “develops and markets a range of state-of-…
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U.S.A Truck Reports Positive 2nd Quarter, Share Repurchase Strategy

The company remains in the process of selling off 800 older tractors and getting 400 brand-new tractors to keep a 2.5-year-old average truck fleet. USA Truck is …
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