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American Truck Dealers talk about Greenhouse Gas

Just recently, at a joint meeting of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Security Administration (NHTSA), Eric Jorgensen, chairman of the American Truck Dealerships (ATD), said that the Stage II of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) initiative has to make sure that truck and engine effectiveness requirements are economical and they have to not jeopardize efficiency. He went on to say, “Cleaner/greener brand-new equipment will not do anything for the environment or for energy security until it is bought and positioned into service, generally changing older, less effective equipment. The goal must be to strike a regulatory sweet area by setting efficiency standards that lead to brand-new products purchasers want and able to purchase.” No variable expense is more critical to fleet managers than fuel. As a result, the frustrating bulk of fleets that purchase new vehicles concentrate on cars and drivetrain features they think are essential to fulfill their particular work and duty-cycle requirements. “Nonetheless,” Jorgensen mentioned, “while fuel economy performance will certainly never rank first on a customer’s list of purchase decision requirements, it will constantly be near the top.” He went on to say that, in order to work, the fuel economy/GHG requireds being considered for design years 2018 and beyond have to pass financial muster. “Keep in mind, fleets have choices” Jorgensen advised. “Instead of opting to purchase brand-new cleaner/greener devices, they can pay for service and parts operations to help them keep their existing cars on the road, approximately and including re-building engines or automobiles. Conversely, they can purchase made use of trucks or tractors that satisfy their requirements, at lower cost than devices covered by new requireds. Any new requireds must be budget friendly to succeed in the marketplace.” Even in years, like this year, with an excellent economy and healthy freight need just a couple of hundred thousand potentially-regulated tractors, trucks, engines, and trailers are sold nationwide. “This number fades in comparison to the 17+ million light-duty cars that likely will be sold nationwide this year,” Jorgensen kept in mind. “Offered this fairly small total volume of vehicles, any new Phase II mandates have to truly be created to use nationwide. Simply puts, ATD believes strongly that allowing for numerous sets of non-identical mandates would enforce an untenable problem on the R&D resources, the production processes, and the marketing and distribution systems of tractor, truck, engine, and trailer manufacturers.” He added that fleets running in “so-called California states” ought to not need to worry about potential purchasing intricacies involving unique automobile setups. That the state of California currently requires some fleets who run trucks into California buy brand-new trucks that comply with emissions standards various than those mandated by EPA has implied some need to give up offering freight service inside California’s borders or take part in needlessly costly techniques to please their California consumers. There are no statutory due dates for Stage II rules. For that reason, EPA and NHTSA need to take all the time necessary to develop mandates that are “suitable, cost-effective, and technologically feasible.” Area 102 of Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA) just requires that any brand-new fuel economy/GHG requireds offer the market with at least 4 full design years of lead time and three full design years of regulative stability. “ATD intends to file comprehensive remarks dealing with a variety of concerns including the GHG proposals beyond the few overarching points mentioned here,” Jorgensen concluded. 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Wednesday. MFD officials unveiled the vehicles during a ceremony that included a public true blessing of the new automobiles and display screen of the tower truck’s capabilities. With the approval of Mayor Jamie Mayo and the assistance of the Monroe City board, Monroe Fire Chief Terry Williams sparked this initiative to change some aging apparatus in the MFD fleet. These four new trucks were produced by Louisiana-based Ferrara Fire Apparatus and took 9 months to complete, at a cost of approximately$ 2.3 million. They consist of the tower truck, 2 pumpers and a rescue unit, including new rescue devices. The raised platform tower truck is the very first of its kind at the Monroe Fire Department, Williams stated. It has a platform that can be used to save people from tall structures without fire victims needing to climb up a ladder. “Picture firefighters making rescues where they bring individuals down ladders. We had a training scenario at the state office building and I was up on top looking down off that structure and having to get on that ladder is a terrifying thought. I stated we cannot even do this in a training environment due to the fact that we might get somebody hurt,”Williams stated. 4 new fire engine are introduced into the Monroe Fire Department fleet throughout a moistening event at the city’s Public Safety Center on Wednesday. In addition to 2 fire trucks, a rescue system and a tower truck were displayed prior to location authorities MARGARET CROFT/THE NEWS-STAR The raised platform can be extended 100 feet and enables individuals to step into a protected structure and be brought to the ground during rescue operations. The automobiles were particularly designed for the Monroe Fire Department and cus … See all stories on this topic

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