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About Two Million Rigged VW Engines Were Made at Hungary Audi Plant: Minister

About 2 million of the 11 million diesel engines involved in the Volkswagen emissions scandal were produced at an Audi plant in western Hungary, Economy Minister Mihaly Varga told private broadcaster TV2 on Tuesday. Varga likewise said the government was in talks with Audi as well as German rival Daimler’s premium brand Mercedes, which likewise has a huge factory in Hungary, to evaluate the prospective effect on the local economy. “I am sure that this will certainly impact Hungarian car production and the regional car industry, but I hope the fallout will certainly be smaller than what the disaster circumstances foreshadow,” he included. The minister has previously said that the Hungarian economy might lose 0.3 to 0.6 percent of growth if European car sales decline due to the scandal. Varga stated that “for the time being” Hungary had no plans to ban VW cars, after the car manufacturer confessed to hacking its own automobiles to deceive U.S. regulators about how much their diesel engines contaminate. Audi’s plant in Hungary, situated in the western town of Gyor, is a crucial supplier for the VW group. The plant produced 1.97 million engines and 135,232 automobiles in 2013, according to figures released on its site. Daimler also operates a Mercedes factory in Kecskemet in main Hungary which has a yearly ability of 150,000 cars. The automaker has actually rejected that it had controlled emissions data … See all stories on this topic Huge Automobile look to tech business to repair cars over the air SAN FRANCISCO As automobiles progressively look like digital gadgets, a group of technology firms that can send wireless software application updates to automobiles are in hot need by carmakers scrambling to catch up to Tesla Motors(TSLA.O)in the arena of over-the-air updates, or OTAs. Interest

in the technology, through which certain automobile functions can be

upgraded much the same way as an iPhone, comes as Tesla is set to provide an OTA for hands-free cruise control this month, enabling its electric Model S sedans to drive themselves on highways.”Tesla has actually made excellent strides in raising the profile of OTA, making it appear rather hot by showing how features could be included,” stated Method Analytics expert Roger Lanctot.”They’re virtually poking the traditional carmakers in the eye by making it look so simple.”That has spurred the big automakers to get more severe about OTAs, although they are hindered by the challenge of making software application suitable with internal combustion engines, dealerships stressed over losing service income and security issues. “There’s an entire mindset modification”as car manufacturers embrace the need for the innovation, stated Honda spokesman Matt Sloustcher. Oren Betzaleli, item technique head for Israeli OTA company Redbend, said four years ago it was tough to get in the door.” Today, OTA is so crucial to car makers that we can get in immediately to see the VPs of production,”he stated. Betzaleli said in between 6 and 10 car business are”engaged”with Redbend’s technology for automobiles however declined to name them. There are about 70 various computers in every modern vehicle, each with software application that needs to be managed, Betzaleli said. Michelle Avary, VP of automobile items and technique at wireless provider Aeris, stated she had” yet to speak with a single OEM(initial devices maker) who is not active in this space today.”The technology has triggered a wave of collaborations, investments and acquisitions. Audio … See all stories on this subject

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