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Sprint car engine dyno craziness. View this 410ci engine get ripped to 8500 RPM over and over once again on the pump. Toughness is king which is exactly what …
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A little knowledge can work marvels

You probably know somebody who fits the description: a fellow, or maybe a gal, who intuitively understands how mechanical things work, and can repair almost anything. My stepdad was such a man. He might repair cars, vacuum cleaners, electrical motors, plumbing, electrical wiring — — you name it, he might do it. I, on the other hand, was the classic Mr. Fumble Fingers when it came to such matters. He was particularly proficient at repairing automobiles and had actually completed a course on vehicle repair work at Lindsey-Hopkins Technical School in Miami in the 1950s. I had actually bought a 1956 MG TF-1500 in 1959. The hot little sports car had a four-cylinder engine and dual carburetors. It was running a bit rough one day, and my step-dad said it sounded like the carburetors needed adjustment; he started fiddling with the air and fuel screws on the twin carburetors. He attempted one method, then another, thought about it, then attempted again. It looked like the more he tried, the rougher the engine sounded. After 45 minutes or so, he had handled to smooth the idle out somewhat and surrender. He told me the task required something he called a “synchronizer.” I took the vehicle to a store focusing on foreign sports cars and they got the little vehicle humming along like a top. I believe Daddy always felt a twinge of regret that he was unable to adjust those twin carburetors any better than he did. However, it did offer me the chance to teach him something about mechanics a few years later on. Along about 1964 approximately, I remained in the Army and stationed in Europe. A fellow soldier had an MGA sports car for sale, and I bought it from him. It, too, had dual carburetors and I keep in mind believing at the time, I hope I do not ever have to adjust those carburetors, due to the fact that if my father could not do it, then there was no way I ‘d have the ability to achieve the job. A couple months after I purchased the automobile, it started to run a little rough and scrubby more as time went by. One day, I pointed out to a roommate, Angel Rivera, that my …
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