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1966 Sunbeam Tiger: Owner suches as the mix of British style and powerful Ford engine

Logically, it makes sense that Lt. Col. Duke Samouce suches as a little power in his cars. Samouce remains in the Army. An effective vehicle is typically a good thing for military personnel. In the past, Samouce has possessed an MG and an Austin-Healey. He takes pleasure in the British body style and the British ergonomics. “I didn’t like the lack of power,” stated Samouce, who lives in Fort Leavenworth. “The majority of those engines resemble tractor motors.” In the early 1990s, Samouce learned about the Sunbeam Tiger. It was throughout this time that Samouce was in the early phases of his military profession. He joined the Marine Corps in 1990 and moved to the Army in 1995. Midway through his time in the Marines, Samouce discovered what he was looking for. He bought a Sunbeam Tiger in 1992. “I was staying in San Diego at the time,” Samouce said. “It had everything I like. It has the British body, the British interior and a Ford V-8 in it. It was the best of both worlds.” It took more than a decade before Samouce might find and buy another one. Production of the Sunbeam Tiger in England lasted only 4 years in the mid 1960s. Samouce said a little more than 7,000 Sunbeams were built. Samouce found what he was searching for in 2008. He saw it on eBay and flew out to New Hampshire to view it. He liked exactly what he saw in the 1966 Sunbeam Tiger and bought it. “It remained in OKAY condition,” Samouce stated. “It had the initial engine in it, which is a Ford 260. I pulled that engine out. I am restoring it to original. “Exactly what it has now is a Ford 347, which puts out about 450 horsepower. My power needs have actually been satisfied.” Samouce uses the car in a variety of methods. He races it. He drag races it, including as soon as at Heartland Park in Topeka. Samouce also drives it fars away to car shows. “I have actually gone to shows as far as Maine and Canada,” Samouce stated. “I have actually gone to a great deal of shows around here. I am not afraid to drive it 800 miles to an automobile show although I am getting a little old for that … See all stories on this topic VW diesel owners might be compensated Associated Press DETROIT Volkswagen might compensate owners of diesel-powered vehicles that emit high levels of contaminants, possibly by paying them for the lost value of their vehicles, the company’s leading U.S. executive said. Speaking to lawmakers examining the emissions unfaithful, U.S. CEO Michael Horn likewise said fixing the majority of the 500,000 influenced automobiles in the U.S. might take one to 2 years, possibly more. The repair, he said, would not hurt fuel mileage, but it could hinder the vehicles’ efficiency, knocking 1 or 2 miles-per-hour off the leading speed. “There might be a slight influence on efficiency,”Horn said Thursday to a subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Horn told the committee that VW hasn’t computed how much value the scandal has actually cost owners of the afflicted automobiles. However previously this week, Kelley Directory stated the value of VWs with 2-liter diesel engines had actually fallen 13 percent since mid-September. Used-car values commonly drop in the fall, however the VW diesel drop was abnormally large. VW has actually admitted installing so-called defeat gadgets on Volkswagen and Audi cars with four-cylinder diesel motor dating to the 2009 design year. The devices– in fact software application code– activate pollution controls when the automobiles are being tested however turn off the controls when the software application determines that the cars are back on genuine roads. Affected models consist of the Jetta, Golf, Beetle, Passat and Audi A3. VW has said an overall of 11 million automobiles worldwide have the software application. Under questioning from Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., Horn stated VW isn’t really considering providing owners loaner automobiles since the united state government says the diesels geared up with the defeat gadgets are safe to drive. The vehicles, though, discharge 10 to 40 times the nitrogen-oxide pollution that’s enabled under federal law. Horn said software modifications alone will work to repair more recent designs, however 430,000 cars dating to 2009 will certainly need mechanical repairs that still are being established. Horn said engineers are work … See all stories on this topic

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